In the Technology Department at Northridge Elementary, we believe our role is to produce responsible "Digital Citizens." We strive to ensure NRE students have the essential technology and information literacy background necessary to be successful in Middle School, High School and beyond. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the essential skills necessary to achieve this goal.


About Ms. Beckie

My name is Beckie Salmi. I have been a part of the NRE community for over 15 years, first as a parent, then as an educational assistant, and finally as the Technology Teacher! All 3 of my kids attended Northridge from kindergarten through 6th grade. My husband was even on the PTA for a while. We love it here!

Technology is such a wide and all encompassing subject. My goal as the Tech teacher is to guide students through using technology to enrich their learning in all other subjects as well as how to be safe and responsible while doing so, but most of all to HAVE FUN while learning!