Intro to Engineering

Design Process

*Skill (analyze, evaluate, revise and reflect throughout the design process while demonstrating perseverance)

Powerpoint - "The Process of Design"

Marshmallow Challenge

Structural Engineering

Strength and Structures Project - Box Challenge

Bridge Design

Bridge Photo Turn-in - take a photo of your bridge and upload

Bridge Results

Bridge Videos


Nautical Engineering


Buoyancy - Exploration

  • Create a 30 - 90 second video that answers the following question:
  • “How can we use an understanding of buoyancy and Archimedes Principle to benefit our lives?”
  • You may work in groups of 2 - 3. This project should be completed by the end of the period on block day.
    • Investigate - Research some practical applications of the topics we investigated in class. Come up with a scenario!
    • Plan - Write an answer to the question that demonstrates your learning on the concepts of buoyancy and Archimedes Principle. Consider what images/videos that you might use to illustrate your point.
    • Create - Assemble your video using iMovie/Windows Movie Maker/Flip and clips and videos. Refer to the rubric for guidance.
    • Evaluate - Present your video for the class and provide constructive feedback for other groups.
    • Storyboard Template
    • VIDEO TURN IN - upload your video to your Google Drive and get a shared link and pasted in this form
    • Video Assessment Rubric


Solidworks Boat and Propeller Adapter Turn-in form

Nautical Engineering Change Log

  • Nautical Engineering Follow up with pictures - Answer the following questions: From your testing what were positive aspects of your design? Were there any negatives to your design? What changes would you do to make your design more functional? What feedback would you have for this project? Timing, rigor, relevance? Be as constructive as possible to help future classes

Nautical Engineering "MVHS REGATTA" Race Results

Electrical Engineering

EXIT SURVEY - Everyone