4th Grade

Ms. Sobeck

Welcome to Ms. Sobeck's 4th Grade Class!

Dear 4th Grader and Family,

I am thrilled to embark on my seventh year of teaching at Northeast! I have had the honor of spending my time here with eager, curious, and fun-loving 4th graders just like you!

After attending college in Wyoming, I headed home to Parker to start my teaching career. Northeast has always held a special place in my heart since I was lucky enough attend elementary school here, too! I have lived most of my life in Parker, and I currently call home a little townhouse in Castle Rock; not too far away from the community that I love!

I love teaching for many reasons, but I consider encouraging you and watching you grow to be among the best! I love that together we will face many challenges, but once we get to the other side, we can share pride in our great accomplishments! My ultimate goal for our year together is for you to grow to love learning. I hope each day together will give us a fresh start, new knowledge, new challenges, new experiences, and lots of joy and laughter!

I am very family-oriented and spend the majority of my time outside of school with my parents, siblings, and my FIVE beautiful nieces and one new nephew: Evelyn, Morgan, Katie, Clara, Dylan, and Owen. Reading is my favorite way to pass the time, but I also enjoy quality time with family and friends. Shopping is great time-filler, too! I love to listen to music and sing in the car as I go on drives. I also love to play games, outside and inside!

Some of my favorites:

  • Colors: Green, Blue, and Purple
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Food: Mexican and Pasta!
  • Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
  • Store: Hobby Lobby
  • Book: Harry Potter
  • Sport: Football! Go BRONCOS!!

Here are some things to expect when you arrive in August:

  • Our classroom is on the west side of the building, Room 162.
  • Be prepared for some of your supplies to be collected as Community/Classroom Supplies.

My wish for you is that you will come to school every day knowing that there is value in all of the work that you do including the work of being an eager and respectful student, a loyal friend, a kind sibling, a generous son or daughter, and a proud Northeast Eagle! I'm looking forward to meeting you, and I hope you are ready for an awesome year of learning and growth!


Ms. Heidi Sobeck