Ms. Powers

Second Grade


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About Ms. Powers

Mt. Bierstadt July 23, 2020

Some of my favorites:

  • Color - teal and pink
  • Snack - Goldfish
  • Drink - Iced coffee and Barq's Root Beer
  • Season - Summer (beach)/Winter (skiing)
  • Music - Country
  • Movie - Parent Trap
  • Store - Amazon and REI
  • Candy - Reese's and Twix
  • Fast Food - Chick-Fil-A
  • Holiday- Christmas
  • Way to give back- Promises Animal Rescue (I fostered 7 dogs in VA!)

My name is Erika Powers and I am excited to begin my third year at Mountain View! This year will look very different but I am so excited to get the year started! I grew up in Connecticut and went to college at James Madison University in Virginia. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2012 and completed my Master’s degree in teaching the following year. I taught primary grades for five years in Virginia, outside the D.C. area.