A mentor once told me, “Brad, where your passion meets the world’s needs is where you should be”. It was a simple statement with profound meaning for my life. The world was and is in desperate need of people with the skills, inspiration, and motivation to educate today’s youth. Over the course of my life I’ve discovered that I not only have the passion for teaching but also a keen sense to develop meaningful relationships with today’s youth.

I firmly believe that Health & Physical Education are the most life-applicable and life-impacting fields of education today. Statistically speaking we are at a time in our world and in our culture that demands a response to the growing needs of our youth. Substance use and abuse, sexual activity/promiscuity, depression, suicide, obesity, violence, etc. are cultural issues that must be addressed. Our student’s personal well being is not only a major health concern but also a major educational one.

All core subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science are vital and noble pursuits to in deepening the academic education of my students' lives. Yet without developing the personal well-being of our students the effort to educate becomes a moot point. It is therefore imperative to give our students the information, skills, and inspiration to continue to pursue a healthier and passionate response to the daily challenges they are facing.

My overall hope is to allow students to have ownership over the highly vital, life-applicable subjects that are taught in my class. To allow them to see how their world is connected to what is being taught. To allow them to see how their health is impacted by all they do, say, and think. And to allow them the chance to learn to LIVE OUT LOUD with all their soul has to offer.

Welcome to my class and to the hope that we refuse to be ordinary by seeking to live an EXTRAORDINARY life full of conviction and meaning.

-Mr. Wiidakas