Mrs. Graham's 2nd Grade

Upcoming Important Dates:

April 16- No School

April 19- No School - Staff Development

April 26-30 Legend Wish Week

  • Monday April 26th- Superhero Day

  • Tuesday, April 27th Disney Day

  • Wednesday, April 28th-Western Day

  • Thursday, April 29th- Sports Day

  • Friday, April 30th- GRE shirts


Please make sure all library books are returned to school. The week of May 3-7 will be our last week of library. Fines can be paid through MySchoolBucks.


Our studies will focus on place value this month as students decompose, compare, add, and subtract 3 digit numbers. Students are also refining their addition and subtraction strategies, including solving story problems, and working towards accurate and efficient strategies that can be generalized to greater numbers.

These have been some of our focus points:

  • Identifying the value of each number in a 3 digit number - in 354, the 3=300, 5=50, 4=4 ones

  • Representing 3 digit numbers in expanded form - 354 is written as 300+50+4

  • Comparing 3 digit numbers (>, <, =)

  • Adding 10 or 100 and subtracting 10 or 100 from a given number and noticing the pattern / changes

  • Noticing how the digit in the tens place changes when the addends in the ones place sum to greater than 10

  • Relating single digit combinations (8+2=10) to multiple digit combinations (80+20=100)

  • Solving 1 and 2 step story problems by visualizing and representing the problem

We will begin Topic 12. Students will estimate, measure precisely with inches, centimeters, yards, and meters, and compare units.


In science, we are learning about Habitats. In our studies, we will explore how plants and animals use the resources in their habitats to survive. We will discuss the various adaptations plants and animals possess in each habitat. Students will work with their group to present and teach their peers about their habitat. Be sure to keep your eye out on Seesaw to see their presentation!


We spent some time writing summaries where our focus was not only on determining the importance of a fiction story but also:

  • knowing exactly when to use punctuation and capitals and being consistent

  • spelling is matching our letter sound pattern knowledge

  • writing is neat and thorough

We will begin our unit on Poetry. Students will not only read poetry but notice the writing craft of poetry. We will explore the difference between ordinary and “poets’ eyes” to see the world and write poetry. As students explore this genre they with be learning:

  • To choose topics which elicit strong emotion

  • To make intentional choices with word choice

  • To write poems that look and sound different than stories

  • To use whitespace to get the reader to pause between sections

  • To use repetitive language

  • To use figurative language

  • To use rhyme

  • To experiment with line breaks

I am always amazed at how second graders are natural poets and love the creative challenge of writing poems about the things they love! I look forward to diving into our poetry unit with your child!


Reading has been a very exciting time in our classroom. We have had the opportunity to become part of a book series club where we had time to read several books within a series. As readers we have been doing the following:

  • Collect information about the main characters

  • Look closely at how characters respond to problems

  • Noticing similarities in characters across the series

  • Use what we know about our characters to make predictions

  • Understand the relationships with other characters

  • Looking at the author’s craft of writing

  • How author’s use precise words

  • How author’s use literary language to make ordinary extroadinary

  • Understanding how the whole series will go

In addition, during our readers workshop, students are researching various habitats - forest, rainforest, desert, ocean, wetlands, polar/artic and grasslands.

Students are:

  • reading like researchers

  • determining the importance

  • synthesizing information

  • discussing the various adaptations plants and animals possess in each habitat

  • presenting their information in a culminating project

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Dear Families,

Welcome to 2nd Grade at Gold Rush Elementary! My name is Catherine Graham I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year! I am excited to learn and grow with you this year! See the "About Me" tab to learn a little bit more about me!

My goal as your child’s teacher is to foster a love of learning while valuing individuality and striving to meet the needs of each student. I am committed to ensuring a quality of instruction that is both developmentally appropriate and challenging for each student. I am very excited to meet you and your child.

I also believe that in order for success to occur the student, parents, teacher and the school must collaborate to provide an optimum learning experience. I look forward to forming a partnership with you that is positive and supportive. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me via email

These changing times may be causing a lot of uncertainty. Through it all, I want you to know that I am here for you. I am here to support your child and to support you. With your partnership, I know we can make this a great year!

I look forward to meeting you and your child!

Catherine Graham

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