STEAM Virtual Learning from November 30 - December 17

Second thru 6th Grade will be conducted on your student's STEAM Google Classrooms. For your child's privacy, I conduct my classes using his/her email accounts. Student access CLEVER to go Google Classroom. In Classroom, Meet Links for class are located on the top ribbon. Live instruction will be the first 20 minutes of class, with work time following. Students need to attend and do the class assignments to receive credit for the day.

Kindergarten/First Grade: STEAM Virtual Learning will be accessed through the Meets Button on his/her Ipad. There will be an invite on this link. It is imperative you use your child's email address to access STEAM for privacy issues.

Class Schedule LInk: Schedule

Class Topic: Computer Science/Geometry


In my class, your student will be learning about 2D/3D shapes. We are using pattern blocks, geoboards, and apps on their Ipads to learn about shapes, their attributes, spatial awareness, and design. Students will create a quilt block to add to our STEAM quilt display.


In my class, your student is learning computer science on, a fun, creative platform for learning computer science and basic coding to create interactive animations, games, or apps. Students will be creating a project on

Why computer science

Six different studies show: children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem solving, and are 17% more likely to attend college. Computer science teaches students critical thinking, problem solving, and digital citizenship, and benefits all students, no matter what opportunities they pursue in the future. And learning to make interactive animations, code-art, games, and apps on encourages creativity and makes learning fun.

Why Geometry:

"Learn how to see, Realize everything connects to everything else" Leonardo da Vinci.

If you look we see geometry around us everyday. Strengthening our geometry skills helps students in their design process with our projects in STEAM. Geometry also provides students natural ways to critical thinking, and problem solving.

Welcome to Mrs. Fisher's STEAM

  • I love building a classroom where students feel safe and confident to take risks and do their best.

  • I believe my classroom should be " a mistake making place" where students have the opportunity to learn new concepts and practice skills in a supportive atmosphere.

  • I look forward each year to working together with students and their parents to build a year filled with growth, successes, and challenges.

  • I honor culture, diversity and differences and embed this in my teaching so all students feel welcome and learn that “fair” means we all get what WE need as individuals so we can have opportunities.

  • I believe children learn best from hands-on activities, technology based projects, and relating to life experiences.

Learning is a lifelong journey !