Weekly Updates

I will do weekly updates to keep you in the loop of what's going on in our classroom! I try to get them done by Friday or Sunday night, but if I'm traveling that weekend, they're sometimes delayed! Check back here frequently for pictures & news!


We had a great first full week & we’ve learned so much already! We're still taking it slow to build our classroom communities, but we're very much into our routines now! We do community circles every day to learn about each other and the expectations of school! Our main read aloud this week was: "Pete the Cat: Rockin' in My School Shoes!" and we had a very shoe-filled week in reading and math!

We’re earning lots of paw cards for following our school expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible. We’ve been processing so much new information about good choices vs. poor choices, routines & procedures, and kindergarten life in general! We love our brain breaks on GoNoodle & getting to play. Kindergarten in August can be tough when you’re 5/6, but our teachers are SO proud!

We learned

there are 3 ways to read!

Reading the pictures

sounds like: "I see _______" and "I wonder ______."


-Phonological Awareness: Beginning sounds & identifying rhyme-Phonics: letters & sounds song (We have motions for each letter & sound - C, cookie, /c/) -Social Studies: Classroom community- what are our 3 big rules? Be safe, be responsible, be respectful. -Writing: Pencil grip, sticker names, straight & curvy lines -Reading: reading the pictures, library procedures-Math: Sorting our shoes, counting (one-to-one correspondence), making human graphs to compare which number is GREATEST.


-Back to school night is Tuesday, August 20th from 5-6:30 (Parents only; no kids please!) -Thursday folders need to come back EMPTY on Friday morning please! -Tuesday, August 27th is not a regular school day- if you haven't signed up for an assessment day time slot, I will be emailing you next week!
*Thank you to all who donated extra snacks- You're amazing!
Have a wonderful weekend! With love,Mrs.Reichert

Specials Schedule for week -8/19-8/23:

Monday – Art

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday – P.E.

Thursday – World Cultures

Friday – Art

Weekly Update 8/9/19

The first two days of kindergarten have been great! I'm loving getting to know each of these little ones! We started Thursday with rotations around MVE to learn about expectations and what we do in each area of the school. It was a TON of information and they were great listeners! Because of that and pictures on Friday, we're just starting to learn our routines and procedures. We've made lots of time for play and brain breaks on GoNoodle because their brains are working SO hard to process all of this new information. Ask your child to show you how we kiss our brains when they've worked really hard. I promise you will be absolutely amazed at how much your child will learn this year, but we start the year off slow (building community/family, setting expectations, and praising everything!) so that we can go fast later.


Morning Procedures: Where does your water bottle go? Where do your snacks go? Where does your lunch box go?

Recess: What's your favorite thing to do at recess?

Community: What are some of your new friends' names? What do you like to play with them?

Number Corner: How many days have we been in school? How many links are on the chain? (2)

Lunch: What character is on Mrs.Reichert's lunch baskets? (Pete the Cat)


-Please make sure your child comes with a water bottle every single day!

-Please make sure your child has a drink in his/her lunch box that is not that water bottle. Because we go to recess and then lunch, our water bottles stay in the classroom so they don't get lost. If your child wants to buy a milk or water from the cafeteria, they may, but please make sure you go to MySchoolBucks (there's a convenient app) to put money on his/her account!

-Snack donation: If you're at costco or walmart this weekend and are willing & able to donate some extra snacks for us to keep in our classroom, we would be so grateful! Life happens & sometimes we don't always have our 2 snacks!

-Be practicing those lunch numbers! When they learn it, they get a free bowling pass from Mrs. Grotts!

-Pete the Cat tennis shoe is due Monday!

-Birthday book donation and the family collage is due on Friday!

-Monday morning drop off is NORMAL... I will not meet you on the playground. I'll be waiting in the classroom to say good morning to each of my kiddos! Ask your child what color tape they follow to get to our room. (green)

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,