Weekly Updates

Weekly Update 9/14-9/18

Happy Fri-YAY Kindie Families!

I am so excited that our whole class will be here together in person in just a few short weeks. It has been great to have the chance to learn and practice many of our routines with smaller groups first and now we are so ready to get back to some more normal routines.

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This week we worked on...

  • The sight words “can” and “go”.

  • Matching words one-to-one in a sentence (cutting and gluing “The butterfly is on the flower”).

  • Learning and practicing the new math game “Beat You to Five”!

  • Learning the difference between numbers and letters and sorting them!

  • Practicing an efficient pencil grip and scissor grip.

  • Writing using sight words and the beginning sounds of words (“I like school” might look like “I like s”- keep in mind that in kindergarten we use sound spelling, not always correct spelling!)

  • Being a bucket filler and using kind words with our teachers and our friends.


  • Great job getting onto our Community Circle this morning! I have been taking attendance during our live sessions, so keep up the great work with being there on time and engaging with me! I am so proud of you… students AND parents! :)

  • On Fridays, Essentials classes will have a different Google Meet login. Click on the Google Meet app from your student’s iPad, then click “Join a meeting”. When it asks for a meeting code, type “ak” for art, “pek” for PE, or “mk” for music.

Coming soon...

  • Parent-teacher conferences are the week of 9/28-10/2. Each kindie teacher will send the link to their sign up, which goes live on Monday 9/21 at 4:00 pm.

  • Sight word rings came home Wednesday and yesterday. Please take them out of your student’s backpack and keep them in a safe spot. Soon, we will start having students write their sight words (one on each card) and flip through the flashcards to record themselves reading the words. (This is great for extra practice at home, too!)

  • We will begin sight word flashcards next week. Look for directions on Seesaw. Here is the full list of sight words that we will be learning each quarter this school year.

Weekly Update 9/7-9/11

This week, we worked on…

  • Scissor safety and cutting on a line/curve

  • Our first kindergarten sight words: at, am

  • Reading the pictures by asking who is doing what?

  • Spelling and writing our names

    • Tracing each letter with our pointer finger

    • Using a whiteboard to trace and write it

  • Counting objects and sorting objects

  • Finishing up the iReady assessments on iPads

  • Phonics skills: adding and deleting words

    • Continued practice with our “pointer power”/tracking words on a page

  • 3-star coloring

Happy (belated) birthday Tony!

We celebrated Tony's birthday with his birthday rock celebration! I cant wait to celebrate other students' birthdays!


  • Friday eLearning P.E. class will be on a different link.

    • First, click on the google meets app on the iPad.

    • Next, click the join a meeting button.

    • Then, type in the meeting code: pek

  • Keep less things in your students’ backpacks to prevent them from getting too heavy- here is what you need to pack each day (leave the rest at home!):

    • Blue folder

    • Two snacks and water bottle

    • iPad bag with headphones

    • Lunchbox (if bringing lunch from home)

  • Dress for the weather! We will go outside for recess if the “feels like” temperature is 20 degrees or higher. When it is snowing, please pack:

    • Warm coat

    • Snow boots

    • Gloves

    • Hat

Weekly Update 8/31-9/4

Happy FriYAY Kindie Families!

I hope you had a wonderful week. It’s hard to believe we are already finished with 11 days of kindergarten!


  • NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day). This means that Cohort A will not come to school and Cohort B will not have any assignments scheduled for that day.

  • Please make sure to bring your new yellow pickup tag with you if you are walking up to the school to pick up your child at the end of the day. If we have a substitute, they will be checking for the yellow tag to make sure they are dismissing each student to the correct person. You can take a picture of the yellow tag and show us the picture on your phone. Then you will always have it with you! If someone else will be picking up your child after school, just send them the picture and they can show us from their phone.

  • If you are picking your child up through the carpool line, make sure the yellow pickup tag is on your dashboard so that the staff members at carpool can clearly see the name.

  • If you have not already done so, please send in or email a family photo and a baby picture of your child.

  • We will be using the iPads in class so please make sure to send your child’s iPad, headphones, and charger to school every day in its large ziplock bag.

  • Snack donation: If you're at Costco or Walmart over the weekend and are willing and able to donate some extra snacks for us to keep in our classroom, we would be so grateful! Life happens and sometimes we don't always have our 2 snacks!

  • Please make sure all snacks are dry and peanut and tree nut free.

Keep an eye out for these changes next week:

  • At-home learning choice board: if your student finishes their at-home learning activities early and you need something for them to work on, please utilize the kindergarten choice board! This will be attached to the at-home learning calendar every week going forward.

  • Starting next week, our Friday eLearning schedule will change. Based on feedback from PTO, we will be consolidating our Friday Google Meets to a smaller amount of time instead of stretching our lessons out throughout the day.

  • Essentials classes will be 25 minutes long instead of 45 minutes.

  • It is crucial to complete the Seesaw activities on the assigned day. This will be counting toward student attendance beginning next week.

  • Starting next week, Seesaw assignments will be available on the days that they are listed on the At Home Learning Calendar. This will help students stay on track with their assignments throughout the week.

  • Essentials teachers will list the days that students should work on Essentials assignments on the activity in Seesaw. All Essentials assignments will be due on Fridays.

We had so much fun this week!

We are learning to recognize and form numbers 0-5! Also we have enjoyed getting to know each other and creating our classroom community! Together we came up with our class promise! They are all so sweet and truly care about their friends!

We have been talking about the Zones of Regulation and what each zone means. This will help us to identify when we need to use a calm down strategy!

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Weekly Update 8/24-8/28

Dear kindergarten families,

Congratulations! You have just completed our first week of hybrid learning! I hope that things went smoothly on the days that your student(s) learned from home. We had so much fun getting to know each other and I can’t wait to see each of your kiddos again next week. Here are a few of the things we worked on this week at school…

  • Learning expectations and writing our class promise.

  • Morning and afternoon routines (unpacking and packing up).

  • Hand washing and hygiene at school/practicing keeping our masks on!

  • Learning our class numbers for lineup spots.

  • Writing our name.

  • Practicing Seesaw on our iPads.

  • Working with math manipulatives at math work places.

  • Sorting by color, shape, and size.

Reminders for next week:

Here are a few reminders for next week:

  • All About Me bags are due on Monday/Tuesday. Please be sure that your student chooses exactly four items to put in their bag. We will share these during our Community Circle time in the morning!

  • Picture day is also on Monday/Tuesday! Don’t forget to put in an online order (click this link) if you’d like printed copies of school pictures.

  • For Friday eLearning days, please remind your student of our Google Meets expectations- especially staying on MUTE unless called on by the teacher. Thank you!

  • We will be taking i-Ready assessments starting September 1st. This online assessment gives us data about your child's reading and math baseline skills. From this information we can create growth goals for your child and have a better idea of how to differentiate for their specific needs in class. We will also use this data to form reading groups. Once we start reading groups in class and the students' stamina on Google Meets has increased, we will add reading group time slots into our Friday eLearning schedule. More info on reading groups to come soon!


If you do not see your child's first day of kindergarten picture, it may be because you checked the media restriction box during express check-in. If you do not see your child's picture and you would like to see pictures of them on my website, please email me and I will find out what needs to be done to take the restriction off in the system.

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We had fun learning how to do literacy stations and math work places! :)

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Fun on the playground with our new friends! :)