Welcome to Mrs. Martino's 1st Grade Class!

This Week in First Grade

November 15-19

Hello First Grade Families!

Here is what is happening this week in First Grade!

**Please see below for information about the GRE Book Fair happening this week!

**Turkey in Disguise is due on Friday, November 19th! I sent this project home and an email about it on Friday so you could get a jump start:). Hopefully you all saw it!


New Vocabulary ( Word of the day): call

New Trick Words ( Sight Words) : said

New Sound: We will continue to work on the glued sound -all. We will review bonus letters, ff, ll, ss, zz.

Reading: We are continuing to read Non Fiction. This week we will start learning about all of the Non-Fiction Text Features that help us better understand our topic. Students will study photographs, labels, headings, captions, table of contents and many more!

Don’t forget you can access nonfiction books at home through Raz Kids. You can also login to Epic at www.getepic.com/students My class code is: dcc1888 - Then select your student. There is a price to have Epic at home and it is NOT a requirement!

Math: We took an assessment on Topics 1-4 last week. Please look for this to come home in your child's red Homework Folder tomorrow. We also began Topic 5 last week. We looked at finding the missing number in an equation as well as working with equivalent expressions, deciding if they are true or false. We learned to look closely at the symbols, and learned that the = symbol really means "has the same amount as..."

For example, when we see the expression 2+2 = 3+1 we say "2 plus 2 is the same amount as 3 plus 1." This expression is TRUE because both sides of the expression have the same amount - 4. 3+2 = 3+4, is FALSE because 3 plus 2 is NOT the same amount as 3+4.

We also learned how to play a new game, Roll and Record with 3 dice. Students should look for two dice that have a sum they know then add on the third die. For example, if they roll 5 + 4 + 5, add 5 + 5 first to make a 10, then add on 4 to get the sum of 14.

Playing this game is part of homework this week!

Writing: We cleaned out our writing folders on Friday and the kids brought home their Small Moment stories. Hopefully your child shared these with you! If not, please be sure to look in your child's backpack and leave these at home. Please find time to let your child share their work with you and praise all of their hard work!

This week we will begin our nonfiction writing unit, writing "teaching books" that teach our readers a topic that we are "experts" on. We will make sure that we teach our readers by answering questions our readers may have...who, what, where, when & how. We will also learn how to use twin sentences to elaborate and add details. For example, “One piece of equipment you need when you go skiing is a helmet. You wear a helmet to protect your head. We will also use what we are learning about nonfiction text features during reading and work on adding these to our writing. We will begin by making sure we have pictures that teach by adding labels, arrows, or a "zoom in."

Social Studies: This week we will continue our study of the first Thanksgiving. We will learn about how hard their first year was and how Squanto helped the Pilgrims. We will also compare how Pilgrim children lived with how children live today. We will look at what clothes they wore, chores they did and how they played! This is always fun and very enlightening :) Be sure to ask your child what the big differences were and if there were any similarities.

Specials: P.E. / Music

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Thanksgiving Break: November 22-26

**Turkey in Disguise is due on Friday, November 19th! I sent this project home and an email about it on Friday so you could get a jump start:). Hopefully you all saw it!

Canned Food Drive: We are collecting canned foods and non perishable items for the Parker Task Force. The grade with the most donations wins a doughnut party!!!! Please send in items now until November 18!

Book Fair: Monday November 15-Friday, November 19.

Our class will be previewing the book fair tomorrow. I highly recommend creating an E-Wallet. You can click here for more information.

If you send in money or create an ewallet for your child to shop without you, please go over expectations with them. The volunteers are there to help but cannot control purchases. So if you do not want $20 worth of bookmarks and posters, be sure your kiddo knows that:)

See more information Below:

It is going to be a great week!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

November 8-12

Hello First Grade Families!

Here is what is happening this week in First Grade!

One Book, One School: Our Superintendent and the District Library Media Center organized the One Book, One District event next week. The goal is to build unity, promote literacy and support social and emotional development. Students across the District will read the book, Outside, Inside by LeUyen Pham. Gold Rush will also participate in District spirit days shown below.

Monday: Wear GRE Spirit Wear - or our school colors (red, gold/yellow, black)

Tuesday: Wear Clothes Inside Out

Wednesday: Mindfulness - Yoga Pose

Thursday: Wear Red, White & Blue

Friday: Showing Kindness


New Vocabulary ( Word of the day): fill, talk , chill

New Trick Words ( Sight Words) : I & they

New Sound: -all. We call this new sound a glued sound because they are more than one sound, but they are glued very closely together. Some examples are ball, call, wall, hall

Reading: We will be starting a new unit on non fiction books! To start this unit, students will be selecting non fiction books to read throughout the week. When reading nonfiction, or books about real life, readers start learning about a topic even before they read a page. When they do a sneak peek they are already learning stuff about the topic, by looking closely at the pictures and studying the page. We will also start to learn about the different text features a nonfiction book has... You need to study these carefully. Text features include photographs, captions, labels, diagrams, a glossary, a "close up" of a feature, or even extra fun facts listed on the page. Study these features carefully - you can learn so much, even before you read the words!

**You can access nonfiction books at home through Raz Kids.

Some of you might also have a subscription to Epic Books. The kids have access to this website at school. You can get Epic at home, however there is a cost for an at home subscription. It is a wonderful website with a whole library of books on various reading levels. Of course, this is totally optional and NOT required at all!

Here is a message Epic Books asked me to share with you...

I want to share a special offer on an at-home subscription to Epic Books. Epic Unlimited gives them anytime access to all the best books, and for a limited time you can save 43% with my link: www.getepic.com/connect/dcc1888?utm_source=text

My class code is: dcc1888

Math: We will be taking our unit assessment for topics 3 & 4. This assessment will cover addition and subtraction. Students will be asked to show, or explain, what strategy they used for solving a problem.

Some strategies we've learned are:

Writing: We are finishing up our last Small Moment stroy, trying to make it our best story yet, using all of the things we've learned about how to write a good small moement story! We will clean out our folders and your child's small moment stories will come home later this week. Please look for these and celebrate all of their hard work with them! They are becoming amazing writers! In fact, when I asked them recently what subject they enjoyed most, many of them answered writing!

Later this week we will begin a new writing unit, writing nonfiction or "teaching books," teaching our readers about topics we are "experts" on. This unit coordinates with our reading unit on nonfiction. We will learn to plan, or touch our fingers, and describe all of the ways we can teach a reader about our topic. Our goal is to be able to teach our reader 5 things. For example, I am an expert on skiing. I can teach my reader what equipment you need, where you should ski, the first moves you need to learn , how to stay safe on the mountain and what to do if you fall! I can’t wait to see what experts I have in my room!

Social Studies: We began a unit on the history of the first Thanksgiving. Students will compare their Thanksgiving feasts to the first feast that was held! Be sure to ask your child what they are learning. What are things that have stayed the same? What are the differences?

Upcoming Events:

Specials: P.E./Music

Canned Food Drive: We are collecting canned foods and non perishable items for the Parker Task Force. The class with the most donations wins a doughnut party!!!! Please send in items now until November 18!

Book Fair: Monday November 15-Friday, November 19.

It is going to be a great week!

November 2-5

Hello First Grade Families!!!

I hope everyone had a Spooktackular Halloween and enjoyed a little extra rest today :) I would like to send a special thank you to Jenna Cascio, Tiffany Steele, Laura Steinau, and Cooper's Grandma, Pat, for volunteering and running stations during our party! I could not have done the party without them! Thank you to Jenna and Tiffany for helping me set up the party Thursday afternoon! We greatly appreciate all the donations parents sent in as well.

Here is what is happening this week in First Grade:

Fundations: Students will be introduced to bonus letters: ff, ll, ss. We will learn to make words with these letters. Some examples are: bluff, spill, fuzz.

Word of the Day: Miss

Trick Words: You & Your

As always, we learn the meaning of our words as well as how to use these words in a sentence.

Reading: This week we will learn how to use everything we know to BE THE BOSS of our reading and not get stuck on a tricky word. Students will stop at the first sign of trouble, try something to get the job done and triple check the word by asking: Does it make sense? Does it sound right? Does it Look right?

Math: This week my mathematicians will discuss what strategies that help them to subtract. Do you use a number line? Make 10? Think addition to subtract ( fact families)? Make a picture or use cubes? Students will also work on solving and writing word problems.

Social Studies: Students will begin to learn the history behind Thanksgiving. We will start this week by discussing our background knowledge (what we already know) on this holiday. We will then read a nonfiction book and record our thinking, writing down what we have learned and what questions we will still have. We will ask, "Was our background knowledge correct?"

Specials: Technology

Upcoming Events & Reminders

-With the cooler weather, be sure your kiddo is coming to school prepared with jackets, mittens, hats, etc! We will be going outside for recess.

-We will be having a spirit week the week of November 8th in celebration of our One Book, One District initiative. Students can participate by:

Monday, November 8: Wear your school shirt or school colors

Tuesday, November 9: Inside out day, wear your clothes inside out!

Wednesday, November 10: Mindfulness Day, practice yoga or meditation

Thursday, November 11: Wear red, white and blue and write a letter to thank someone

Friday, November 12: Show extra kindness and make someone smile

It is going to be a great week!

October 25 - 29

I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing fall break. I cannot wait to hear about all of the fun times that were had when the students return tomorrow. Here is what is happening this week in First Grade:

Fundations: We will get 2 new trick words ( sight words): or & for. We will also get 2 new vocabulary words : thick & quick. We will continue to work on forming sentences with trick words, vocabulary words and words that we can tap out. We will focus on capitals and punctuation. We will also spend time working with the digraph ck.

Reading: We will be focusing on asking questions while we read. Students will be looking at nonfiction magazines and recording what they are thinking. They will write what they learn and what they wonder. As you read with your child this week, stop and ask questions - model this for them, and encourage them to ask questions and discuss what they wonder.

Math: Students will begin to learn about Fact Families and how knowing fact families will help them memorize their addition and subtraction facts. One strategy we will practice this week in our subtraction unit is to "use addition to subtract." To use this strategy we think about the fact family and the related facts. When you have the numbers 6, 4, 2 you can make the following equations:





If I know that 4+2=6, then I can use that to figure out the subtraction problem 6-4. If 4+2=6, then 6-4=2.

Upcoming Dates:

No School: Monday, November 1 - Teacher Inservice Day

Upcoming Events:

Specials: Art

Halloween Celebration:

I am looking forward to our Halloween Celebration!!!! Please see the communication & map about our parade and parties below. Our party sign up can be found HERE. I am only allowed 4 parent volunteers in the classroom but everyone is welcome to the parade. We will have 2 more celebrations this year so if you were unable to attend this party, there will be more!


On Friday, October 29, students are welcome to start their day in their costumes. They will enjoy a class party with the teacher and up to four parents who are planning the party. Students will also enjoy store bought treats that are distributed by the teacher.

While the Legend Feeder elementary schools are limiting visitors during class parties, all families are welcome to attend our outdoor parade (weather permitting). Please see grade level parade times below. Parents are welcome to watch anywhere along the route.

8:45-9:00 Grades K & 1

9:15-9:30 Grades 2 & 4

9:45-10:00 Grades 3 & 5

We encourage students to be creative with their costumes, but safety remains our number one priority. Please make sure that students have a costume that fits over their clothing. Students will be asked to change out of their costumes independently at 10:15 AM when our regular school day will resume. Please note that face paint, masks and weapons are not permitted.

We are looking forward to the festivities!

October 11-15

I enjoyed getting to talk with all of you last week during conferences! I am so grateful we could connect and discuss all of your kiddos' accomplishments. I hope everyone enjoyed the fall weather this weekend. Here is what is happening this week in First Grade.


Each week we build on letters and sounds we have learned to write words and sentences. This week we will spend time reviewing all of our sounds and trick words. We will add two new words: shut & much.


We've been discussing how Reading is Thinking, and the importance of paying attention to our "inner voice" as we read. Our inner voice is our thinking voice. When we make a connection it might say, "This reminds me of..." When we learn new information our inner voice might say, "Wow!" "I didn't know that!" or "That's amazing!" This week we will practice asking questions as we read. Listen to your inner voice - what questions do you have? Sometimes the kids will quickly answer with, "I don't have any questions." I respond with, "If you did, what would they be?" It is helpful for you to stop and model how to ask questions as you read with your child!

Later this week we will discuss story elements, characters, setting, problem and solution. This helps students understand what is happening in their books and allows them to retell the story.


As we continue to write our small moments using our new craft moves we will pause to edit and check our spelling and punctuation. The goal with spelling is to spell some or our sight words correctly - in Fundations we call them "trick words" - and other words phonetically. Some of the "trick words" we have learned to spell so far are a, and, the, is, his, of, as, has, and was. These words are posted in our classroom and I tell the kids they should be spelled correctly every time! We also are trying to use resources, like the Word Wall in our classroom, to help us spell.


We will finish working on strategies to add to 20 and move on to subtraction strategies. Continue to play math games and practice facts at home!


We will start to look at seasonal patterns, we will look at the amount of daylight in each season. What season is it lightest/darkest?


Your child has been busy in Tech posting fun videos. You can access their Seesaw account here. It will send me a link to approve you.

Upcoming Dates:

Fall Break: October 18-22

Halloween Parade/Fall Party: Friday, October 29. **More Details to come soon, but the kids will wear their costumes to school and our party will take place first thing in the morning. They will then change into regular clothes for the rest of the day.


-Please have your child return their library books on Tuesday.

-It is getting cooler, so please be sure to send your child with a light jacket

Specials: PE/Music