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*Sorts objects and counts and compares the groups formed.

*Helps to make simple graphs

Children were asked to sort and organize collected materials by color, size, shape, etc. Then they were asked to compare groups to find which group has the most, least, and equal. They made simple numerical summaries from their graphs, comparing parts of the data.

Block Play

Play is the primary means through which young children develop. When allowed to direct and conduct their own play, children may broaden their experiences, increase their levels of imagination, expand their linguistic abilities, exercise their physical and mental strength, and improve their dexterity.

Playing in a group setting also gives children opportunities to develop and refine social skills. As children play they have conversations with each other, practicing the way they communicate (for example, “What do you call the stick that holds the wheel on a car?”). Play can increase levels of cooperation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and other interpersonal skills necessary to succeed as an adult.