4th Quarter:

  • Homework and quizzes


Posted on February 19. Homework due on March 15 quizlet Places in the city

Quiz on Tuesday 26 over places 10 and translate in English.

2. POSTED ON 03-8-18: TAREA ( HOMEWORK) Due on Friday March 29 Quizlet Ir + a+ places and study the verb dar , that is similar to ir .

Quiz Monday April the first conjugate the verb ir + a + Places and translate total 6, yo, tu, usted el ella nosotros ,vosotros, ustedes ellos ellas.And conjugate the verb dar ( to give) that is similar to ir.

3 . Homework due on April 5th, quizlet expressions with tener.


4.Posted on March 8: Study for Final monitoring Spanish Test due on April 17/18.Everything we have learn until now. Syllabus whole year is a good study guide to review. Quarter 2 is a good guide to review ar verbs. Er and Ir verbs are at the end of the syllabus for whole year.Also review with Mr Jordan videos in Spanish resources until number 46. http://www.senorjordan.com/los-videos/ .

5. Posted on Monday MARCH 8, Due on APRIL 5 sentences, telling when , where do you go to a place in the city and what do you do there on the weekends.Once I correct it, upload it into your google Doc , to study from there for your writing test.Edit talk about yourself, talk about your family , talk about your day at school and and about places you go and things you do there.For example : El domingo yo voy al cine para ver peliculas, El sabado Yo voy al supermercado para comprar comida, yo voy al gimnasio para hacer ejercicio, el viernes yo voy al estadio para ver un juego de futbol, el lunes en la tarde,yo voy al centro comercial para comprar ropa, yo voy al aeropuerto para viajar a New YorK, yo voy al campo para pescar(TO fish), yo voy a la estacion de gasolina para poner gasolina en el carro, yo voy al parque para caminar con mi perro. Yo voy a la clase de piano en el centro para tocar piano.

6. Posted on MARCH 8, due on may 1/2 , Content knowledge writing Test: Write about yourself , Description , age ,nationality, school, where do you live, likes, dislikes, describe your family ,pets, not repeating the same thing for each one of them, describe your day at school, what do you wear,classes, periods, likes dislikes, which class is interesting, or boring, how do you go to school,what do you have for breakfast, lunch or diner, what do you do after classes.Describe places you go in the city , when do you go and what do you do there.

7.Posted on MARCH 8, due on May Wednesday MAY 8/9Content Knowledge speaking test talk about everything we have learned this year. See writing test.PLACES YOU GO AND THINGS YOU DO

8. Posted on MARCH 8, due on May 6 Content Knowledge reading test. Review syllabus whole year and second quarter verbs plus er and ir verbs.PLUS VERB tener, TO GO IR AND PLACES

9. Posted on MARCH 8, due on May 20 Content knowledge culture tes or ASAP. Trip to Spain PRESENTATION.