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Password Resets

DCSD has implemented annual password expiration for all DCSD Staff (not students). So, what that means to you is you? You or your staff may receive a message from our Identity Management Service, looking something like this:

This is an automated message that is sent when your within 30 days from your password expiring. However when ever you are in doubt. Reach out or check on your account using our Self Service Password Management Page (!

Please note that if you are on a Mac system, your local password will remain your old one, contact your local CRT or our ITSC for instructions on how to change your password!

Need inspiration and tips on how to create a strong password check out the link: (

Compromised Accounts

Is something just not right? Are you experiencing strange behavior from your accounts. Maybe it's new filters in your District G-mail, unsolicited Duo requests being sent to your phone or the dreaded email from Google indicating there was potentially malicious activity occurring on your account?

Don't fret, contact us at or the ITSC 303-387-0001! We can step you through resetting your password and getting things set back straight.

If you are more of a DIY type of person, we have just the thing! Visit our self-service password reset portal! (

Resetting your passwords will stop this activity from occurring, since most criminals will move on once they lose access to your account. Contact IT Security for more tips and tricks to minimize the impact and get your accounts cleaned and clear!

Phishing Awareness Made Simple

Phishing continues to be the most prolific, successful and most dangerous form of attack we see here at DCSD. Phishing occurs when a criminal targets individuals with emails, social media posts/messages and even phone calls looking to solicit information like social security numbers, W2 information, and passwords from you with the intent to steal and/or sell your information.

Follow these tips if you suspect that you are being targeted:

  1. If you did not request it, know the person, company or email address. Delete it or send it to for further analysis.
  2. Criminals use intrigue, fear and intimidation to solicit a response from you, don't fall for it. If the e-mail contains a link don't click it as well as it could contain malicious software or direct you to a malicious site!
  3. You may see emails that look like they are coming from legitimate sources (netflix, ebay, or even someone in your office). Always use known, legitimate sites, contact numbers and links to check on your accounts. Don't fall for account compromise, unsolicited invoices or notices for collection.
  4. There is no emergency request for business information, personal information, wire/money transfers occurring through email. If you receive a message from a member of your team for this type of info, talk to them, give them a call and inquire if the request is legitimate.

For more cybersecurity related training on this topic visit our Training Site.

Device Security Means Data Security

Your device is your portal to the internet, our enterprise network, your Google Drive and the software and tools you use to educate, inspire and administer. This means you most likely work with sensitive data your peers, family, students and staff may not appreciate being released to the public. Losing your mobile phone, or district laptop can mean a loss of student or staff information.

  1. Encrypt your computer. Contact the ITSC to have Filevault (Mac) or BitLocker (Windows) pushed to your machine. Encryption prevents thieves and criminals from recovering your data if the device is lost or stolen.
  2. Don't leave your device alone. If possible carry your device with you at stores, and keep it close. Don't leave it in cars overnight or on coffee tables if you need to step away. Thieves will not hesitate to break a window if it is left in the back of your car.
  3. Contact as soon as you noticed the device is missing. We can send recovery software to the device. If you suspect it was stolen (not under the couch) please file a police report and provide us the report number. We can work with Law Enforcement with the recovery of the device!