Heritage Sustainability

At Heritage we have an integrated sustainability program. We are lucky to have our own brood of hens. The chickens eat our left overs from the cafeteria and we sell their eggs to raise money to support the program (nesting materials, grain, etc). We also have a gardens that classrooms are able to utilize while learning about science and nutrition. Most crops we grow end up in our cafeteria. Finally, we have an outdoor classroom. Our Outdoor Classroom's vision is simple: children benefit from spending more time outdoors, especially in natural places. Its' goal is equally simple: to increase the quantity, quality, and benefits of outdoor experiences for children.

2nd Grade

4th Grade

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Heritage Elementary is a Green Flag Award winning school as well as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

National Wildlife Federation

Green Flag Award-

To win the Green Flag, Heritage’s students and faculty tackled a host of sustainability initiatives that began with forming an Eco-Action team; auditing facility energy efficiency, waste disposal and other environmental impact areas; and instituting environmental-themed curricula. These steps raised environmental and natural awareness, cut waste, increased student engagement and saved money for the school.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

The Schoolyard Habitats® is designed to highlight the significant contributions of schools and organizations to the great accomplishment of creating a Schoolyard Habitat - a place of learning and nature exploration for students and a haven for wildlife.

If you have some free time to volunteer in the garden or help with the chickens, please click on the Volunteer Tab and fill out our volunteer form.