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What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is our school-wide initiative to promote student success by addressing social and emotional needs while building a sense of community within Eldorado. PRIDE morning meetings take place during the first 20 minutes of the day and is teacher facilitated but student driven. Each classroom will use the same outline, but teachers have the liberty to present the material in a way that meets the needs of their classroom. PRIDE is formatted in a restorative circle to encourage students to critically think about the topic, learn from each other and all have a chance to share in a safe space. DCSD's Student Wellness Framework items will also be shared during this time.

How can I follow up at home?

Every month, the PRIDE topic will be shared in the newsletter. Review the month's topic and discuss how it applies to your home environment. Feel free to contact Emily Montgomery (, the school social worker for any more information.

Other Positive Behavior Supports at Eldorado

  • Kindness Chains: Students are randomly recognized for kind acts they do throughout the day. Come see our chain growing around the school!
  • Proud Panther of the Month: Two students for every grade are chosen monthly who demonstrate exceptional behavior in the classroom. Students are announced in a monthly assembly. If your child is chosen, you will be notified by your child's teacher so you can attend if you are able.
  • Kindness challenges: Every Monday, students are given a "kindness challenge"- a simple act that demonstrates kindness to others (saying hi to someone they don't know, thanking someone in their life, etc.). This helps promote the positive school climate we have at Eldorado.

PRIDE Committee

The PRIDE Committee consists of teachers, administrators and Special Education providers that are dedicated to students' social/ emotional well being. This committee has created positive behavior supports at Eldorado and were paramount in establishing universal school rules.

World Class Outcomes

  • Make sense of (interpret, evaluate, summarize, synthesize, etc.) problems and persevere in solving them (Problem Solving)
  • Evaluate the effect choices have on personal well being (Health and Wellness)
  • Modify perspective based on self and others (Global Awareness)
  • Demonstrate the process of inquiry: identify a problem, generate questions, investigate possible solutions to the problem (Critical Thinking)
  • Contribute as a productive member of a team (Collaboration)

Enduring Understandings

  • Relationships influence wellness
  • Authentic scenarios impact critical and creative thinking
  • Collaboration influences effectiveness
  • Interaction impacts community
  • Parts impact the whole

PRIDE Homepage