Volunteer Opportunities

Cougar Run's wide-ranging volunteer opportunities listed below are for any one from our community. Our volunteer coordinator, Katie Busch,  teacher, or the Event Chair will train you, so all skill levels are welcome.  We appreciate any amount of time that volunteers are willing to contribute to help our school, staff and students.  Please note that many employers pay for volunteer days!

Whether you are interested in any of the events below, working in the classroom, walking the halls as a Watch D.O.G., or Friday Folders, the process is as follows:

a. Before the school year at your student's Express Check-in; 

b. you can speak to your student's teacher; or

c. Contact Cougar Run's Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Busch HERE.

If you choose not to start at #1, messages are sent to our community when events in need of volunteers arise.  

High School students should contact our Volunteer Coordinator HERE to find out about community service hour opportunities.  Cougar Run also contacts HRHS when such opportunities arise.  

Finally, please click STAFF & TEACHER WISH LISTS if you would like to celebrate a Cougar Run Staff Member in a special way.

Volunteer Opportunities


We conduct Vision & Hearing Screenings at the beginning of the school year and a re-screen at the beginning of the second semester. Volunteers do not need prior experience. Volunteers will undergo a 20-minute training and practice session prior to working with the students.  The volunteer's commitment will be in 2-hour and/or 4-hours increments.

 Because of the technical nature of some of our screening procedures, we request that volunteers not bring children with them, and that they be able to come promptly for training at the requested time.  

FUN RUN (September/October)

BOOK FAIR (November)



Are you interested in a volunteer opportunity that is regularly scheduled, but only a short amount of time per commitment? Assisting our students to cross the street safely is a top priority.  Times before and after school are available.  This commitment is on school days at 8:20-9:45 every morning and 3:30-3:45 every afternoon.  

WATCH D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) (Anytime)

Email if you are interested in this opportunity.