In science we use graphs to show visually what are data says in numbers and words. If science were a story, graphs would be the pictures that went with it. Watch the video and take note of the steps used to create a graph and think about our pneumonic device T.U.L.I.P.. Also take note of D.R.Y.M.I.X.

**For help on which variable is which, watch THIS VIDEO.

Click Here for the Graphing and Science Skills Review including the answer key.

There are a few types of graphs that we might choose to use in class. Below are some descriptions of some graphs and when you will want to use each one.

There is a Bar Graph. This is probably one you are familiar with and you might want to use the most.

  • A Bar Graph shows separate but related data.

A Line Graph is another graph you are probably familiar with, especially in math.

  • A Line Graph shows how one variable compares to another one, or to show change over time.

Another graph you might use is the Pie Chart. This one is used a lot less often but it may be one to use every now and then.

  • A Pie Chart shows data that is part of a whole, ratios, percentages.

Depending on the variables and what relationships we want to show, we need to think about what type of graph is best.