Unit 1: What is Science? and Matter

The first few days are important to building a classroom environment that promotes safety, trust, and learning. I also practice the 3 = 33 idea, we spend the first 3 weeks practicing the the rules and procedures so that we know what we need to do for the next 33 weeks. I encourage all students and parents to read through the Syllabus and the Rules and Procedures documents to ensure they have an understanding of what my class will be like.

During these first few days I like to do fun activities that hopefully help to create this kind of environment and foster an attitude of engagement and excitement for class. Below are the Welcome presentations as well as the activities we do during the first few days.

Our first few days are about getting to know the classroom and getting everyone signed up for the right Google Classroom and reading through the syllabus.

Click Here for the Syllabus

Click Here for the Welcome Letter

Click Here for the Parent Information Survey

How we "do science" Board

Day 1

Expectations, Rules, and Procedures. Students should have a copy of these in their binders.

I use the acronym CHAMPS to explain to students what my expectations are during each activity we will do in class. View the slideshow to the right and the links below.

Champs Overview

This is a link to the vocabulary section for this unit. You will have a new Word Journal for each unit. You will keep it at the front of that section in your binder. You can make a copy of the blank Word Journal using the link below if you ever misplace yours.

Click the links below to navigate to the pages on the following topics for this unit.