First Grade

First Grade Update

The first graders have been enjoying loads of fun activities in recent weeks such as the Cougar Run Fun Run and all the celebratory events at the close of the fund raiser. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our efforts! We also had so much fun building map skills as we explored the GIANT map of Colorado!


8:25-4:40 Soft start, daily warm up

8:40-9:00 Opening

9:00-9:40 Whole Group Literacy

9:40-9:50 Independent Reading

9:50-10:50 Small Group Literacy Rotation

11:00-11:45 Recess/Lunch

10:50-11:00 Read Aloud

11:45-12:50 Math

12:50-1:30 Specials

1:30-2:25 Writing

2:30-2:45 Recess

2:45-3:20 Science/Social Studies

3:20-3:30 Reflect and Clean up

3:30 Dismissal

PBL Snapshot

  • Animals and their adaptations
  • Families
  • Natural Resources
  • Matter
  • United States Symbols
  • Poetry
  • Financial Literacy

i-Ready Expectations

Diagnostic testing occurs three times each school year. Children will work on practice lessons for both reading and math in the classroom for a total of 20 minutes each week. iReady practice is also assigned as part of weekly homework.

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