Conditioning and Wellness with Mr. Reese

Welcome Conditioning and Wellness with Mr. Reese`!

This is a semester long course in which students will explore various methods to strengthen and condition the body. Whether you have some experience with weight training, or if you have never picked up a weight, I will find a way to challenge your mental and physical fortitude. Students will explore the basics of weight training and once a baseline level of comfort has been established, they will be exposed to intermediate lifting techniques. This is NOT a class in which you will find your 1 Rep max; you can do that on your own time. In addition to weight training, students will participate in bodyweight workouts through a series of different timing and rep range protocols, as well as yoga and stretching techniques to help heal the body and to calm the mind.

Being physically fit and active has been a lifestyle for me for over two decades and I am looking forward to our time together this year. For class you need to dress in attire that allows you to move freely while maintaining the appropriate amount of coverage that complies with the school dress code.