• Student not found
    • Make sure the Student ID number is correct on the “YOUR CART” page
    • Make sure you are entering the student’s first name and last name on the “YOUR INFO” page
    • If you have checked the Student ID # and the Name, and you are still not able to order, you may need to create a new Nutrislice account using a different email address. We are working with the developer to be able to reset accounts using the same email address but at this time we are not able to reset using an existing email address.
  • Insufficient Funds
    • Ala Carte items cannot be charged to a student account with a zero balance. Check your cart and make sure you have not selected any ala Carte items or more than one meal.
  • Ordering Not Available
    • Orders may be placed up to 7 school days in advance and must be placed by midnight the day before

If you have any problems placing your order, please contact Tamara McCarthy at 303-387-0381 between the hours of 7AM-3PM or via email: between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM

As this is a pilot program, we are still working out the bugs and appreciate your feedback!