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Hello BRE Families,

I hope you all were able to make the most of the Summer Break! My name is Alexandra Nardi, and this is my second year as the School Counselor for the Buffalo Ridge! It was so great to see everyone back in person today and last week! And I can’t wait to check in with my eLearners!

As the School Counselor, I am a resource to all students at BRE no matter the learning option you have chosen for your family: hybrid or eLearning. I plan to interact with all students in some capacity this school year to provide all students with support. Some ways I may interact with your child included; individually to talk about personal or academic issues, in small groups targeting personal or academic development, in the classroom focusing on social-emotion learning, lunch group, conflict resolution, and personal safety. I respect all students and what they choose to share with me. Unless someone is hurting them, they want to hurt someone, they want to hurt themselves, or they permit me to share with a trusted adult I keep what they talk to me about confidential.

As I am a support for all students at BRE consent is not a requirement for counseling services except for small targeted groups. If you have any questions regarding how I may work with your child or you would like me to check-in on your child, please contact me. All my contact info is below.

💚💙Ms. Nardi


Office Phone Number (calls only 8:15 am to 3:45 pm M-F): (303)387-5581

Google Voice (calls and texting 8:15 am to 3:45 pm M-F): (970)329-2976

Virtual Meeting Scheduler

If you or someone you care about needs immediate or crisis support please contact one of the below resources:



Colorado Crisis Line:


National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office:


Parents Please review this document for DCSD regarding Virtual Communication Expectations

Notification for Remote School Mental Health Services (1).pdf