Student learning in DCSD ensures that all students learn and master Colorado Academic Standards (Standards Based Learning  Colorado Academic Standards) 

Curriculum Utilized at BCE (Research Based, Rigorous, Aligned to Colorado Academic Standards and Approved by the DCSD Board of Education)

Please click HERE for a short message from Mrs. Sullivan on curriculum here at Bear Canyon Elementary. This is an explanation of how curriculum is chose for our school and some common standards of measurement.  

Envision Math by Saavas

Wonders Reading by McGraw Hill

STEM Scopes Science

enVision Math - A comprehensive math curriculum providing focus, coherence, and rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Project-based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options empower every teacher and student. Students learn to see relationships, ask questions, and try different approaches to problem-solving. Problem-based learning drives students to engage in productive struggle. Tiered activities, learning centers, flexible grouping, and technology help accommodate learning styles and readiness. 

Wonders - An evidence-based K–5 ELA program that empowers students to take an active role in learning and exploration. Your students will enjoy unparalleled opportunities to express and assess themselves through reading, writing, and speaking. They will encounter the right content at the right moment in their learning journey to promote strong educational outcomes for all. Wonders is grounded in the Science of Reading and is clear about what matters in early literacy instruction: phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, fluency, vocabulary and oral language comprehension, and text comprehension.

STEMscopes - Provides comprehensive digital resources, supplemental print materials, and exploratory hands-on kits that drive engagement, promote inquiry and excitement, and yield academic growth while making real-world scientific connections.