Welcome to third grade!

We are excited to have your child this year. Please click on OUR TEAM, Supply List,  and read below to learn about the school year. 

Daily Schedule

Previous Example of our School Day.

8:30 - Doors are open

8:40 -First bell/Morning Work/Announcements

9:00- Literacy

10:30 Recess/Snack

10:50 Literacy

11:50 Science/SS

11:55 Lunch/Recess

12:35 Class Activities

1:00 Math

2:00 Planner/Homework

2:20 Specials

3:15 Wrap up the day

3:30 Dismissal

Energy Bus

7 Principles

Love Your Passengers


Please make sure that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing for our changing Colorado weather. 

Each Day:


Each night, students will write their homework, notes, etc to bring home. Students will ask a parent/guardian to sign it.

-Please check that homework is complete and read any notes PRIOR to signing the agenda.

-Please write any notes to the teacher or reminders to your child about clubs, aftercare, etc in the agenda.

Specials Schedule: 

Mrs. Stevens:                               Mrs. Stephens:

Monday: PE                                   Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library                          Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Technology            Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music                          Thursday: Technology

Friday: art                                     Friday: Music

Upcoming Dates

May 22- Life Safety Educator

May 23 - Online Supply Orders for next year due

August 7th- Meet and Greet

August 8th- First day of school


Updated April 18


Key Concept: Fairy Tale

Essential Question: How do we get what we need?

Text Structure: 

Author's Purpose

Theme-Character Perspective


Topic 7: Represent and Interpret Data

*Read picture and bar graphs

*Create picture and bar graphs

*Solve word problems using information from graphs


Expository Writing:

*clearly states the central idea in a clear way

*Uses transitions

*Logical progression of ideas

*begins with a strong introduction, progresses logically with ideas and ends with a conclusion

Prompt: Essay on inventors who use technology to help people with disabilities









Weekly Spelling Test:Week of 4/28

Base List: tries, tried, trying, dries, dried, drying, hurries, hurried, hurrying, studies, studied, studying, plays, played, playing

Base List Challenge/Review Words: obeyed, worrying, chapter, bedtime, letter

Extended List: tried, tried, trying, dries, dried, drying, hurries, replied, hurrying, studies, studied, studying, obeyed, obeying, worrying

Extended Challenge: journeyed, producing, chapter, mammal, problem

Social Studies


Ways to Help


Our parent-teacher association is awesome and has so many activities happening. Please click here to access the website and learn about all the fun things happening. 

Join us on one of the following dates at 6:30 PM: 4/11


Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BearCanyonPTA/

Instagram: bcepta9660