Third Grade

Daily Schedule

8:30 - Doors are open

8:40 -First bell/Morning Work/Announcements

9:00- Literacy

10:20 Recess/Snack

10:40 Literacy

11:10 Science/SS

11:55 Lunch/Recess

12:35 Class Activities

1:00 Math

2:00 Planner/Homework

2:20 Specials

3:15 Wrap up the day

3:30 Dismissal

Energy Bus

Create a Positive Vision

Third graders are doing a great job being the driver of their bus, so it is time to add another Energy Bus principle.

Over this next month, students will create goals around their learning to share at conferences and continue to build a positive growth mindset.


Please make sure that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing for our changing Colorado Weather. We ask that your child has two healthy snack and water bottle at school each day. Bottles with tight-fitting lids are preferred.

Our Focus

  • Life Cycles

  • Forces

  • Weather

  • Multiplication 0-9

  • Division

  • Native Americans

  • Economics- Charities/Store

Upcoming Dates

Welcome to third grade. We are excited to have your child in our classrooms this year. To learn more about our team of awesome third-grade teachers, click our team above. If you have any questions, let us know.

Sept. 16- Kneader's Dine Out Night ( 5- 8 PM)

Sept. 21 - Skate City (6 to 8 PM - PTA)

Sept. 24 - No School - Professional Development Day

Oct. 11 - 15 Parent- Teacher Conferences and Book Fair

Oct.27 - Picture Retakes(See individual teacher email for times)


Updated September 12


Unit Big Idea: How can learning help us grow?

Essential Question: How do people from different cultures contribute to a community

Story Type: Narrative Non-Fiction/Autobiography

Reading Strategies:

Ask and Answer Questions: Ask yourself questions as you read. Then look for details to support your answer.

Sequence: Sequence is the order in which important events take place. Look for words, such as first, next, then, and finally. These signal words show the sequence of events.


Using Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract

  • We will finish up our unit on addition, subtraction, and rounding this week.

Next Unit of Study:

Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

Sub topics:

  • Relate Multiplication and Addition

  • Multiplication on a Number Line

  • Arrays and Properties

  • Division: How Many in Each Group?

  • Division: How Many Equal Groups?

  • Problem Solving: Use Appropriate Tools

Dear Family,

Your child is learning how to multiply. Help him or her think of multiplication as joining equal groups. For example, 5 x 2 is 5 groups of 2. So, 5 2 = 10.

Your child is also learning how to divide. Help him or her think of division as sharing equally. For example, 42 ÷ 7 can be thought of as 42 crayons and 7 boxes. Each box has an equal number of crayons. There are 6 crayons in each box.


Expository Writing: describe, explain, define, inform, or clarify

Summer vacation was amazing for a few reasons. To start, I took a car ride to the northwest. This was one of the longest car rides ever since I traveled from Denver to Vancouver which crossed many states. Along the way, I visited some friends and family in San Francisco. During the trip, there was so much food. I had a snack bag near my seat filled with nuts, chips, chocolate and much more. One restaurant I visited, had the best Italian food as I sat by the famous steam clock in Vancouver. Finally, the enjoyable part was visiting the ocean on the Oregon coast. The water was cold but it didn’t stop me from swimming in the ocean. At sunset, I would sit by a beach fire and enjoy the glow of colors. Clearly, this was an amazing summer to enjoy.


Compound Words: a word that has two small words in it.

Wonders Story Vocabulary:









Spelling Words:

Sept. 10 Test

Base list: date, lake, skate, plane, grade, grade, fine, life, rice, wise, smile, rose, globe, smoke, come, used

Base Challenge words: sneeze, stripe, whale, crime, shapes

Extended List: plane, shapes, skate, grade, whale, sneeze, fine, wise, crime, striped, smiled, globe, smoke, envelope, come

Extended Challenge List: classmate, contribute, pronounce, scared admires


Our first unit of study is in the area of Earth Science. We will be learning about climate, weather and hazardous weather.

Become a CBS4 Junior Weather watcher

All you need is a ruler, thermometer and rain gauge(cup)


or ask Ms. Charlton


Ways to Help


Keep up with those Box Tops! Each one you cut out earns BCE 10 cents and every bit helps. Boxtops has changed and now you need to download the app and just scan your receipts. Click here to learn more.

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