Third Grade

Welcome to third grade!

We are excited to have your child this year. Please click on OUR TEAM, Supply List, and read below to learn about the school year.

Daily Schedule

Previous Example of our School Day.

8:30 - Doors are open

8:40 -First bell/Morning Work/Announcements

9:00- Literacy

10:30 Recess/Snack

10:50 Literacy

11:50 Science/SS

11:55 Lunch/Recess

12:35 Class Activities

1:00 Math

2:00 Planner/Homework

2:20 Specials

3:15 Wrap up the day

3:30 Dismissal

Energy Bus

7 Principles

Drive With Purpose


Please make sure that your child comes to school with appropriate clothing for our changing Colorado weather.

Each Day:

  • 2 Snacks(AM/PM

  • Waterbottle


Each night, students will write their homework, notes, etc to bring home. Students will ask a parent/guardian to sign it.

-Please check that homework is complete and read any notes PRIOR to signing the agenda.

-Please write any notes to the teacher or reminders to your child about clubs, aftercare, etc in the agenda.

Specials Schedule(New Schedule as of 8/4):

Mrs. Stevens: Mrs. Charlton:

Monday: PE Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Technology Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music Thursday: Technology

Friday: art Friday: Music

Technology Support:

Apps for iOS and Android tablets:

Links For Support:

Upcoming Dates

November 14 - 18- Bear Give Back- More details to come (Individual beef jerky and jelly)

November 21 - 25- Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 5 - 8 Holiday Shop

Dec. 6 HipPops Gelato Truck(3:45PM)

Dec. 12 Mici's Dine out 11 am to 8:30 PM

Dec. 21 Principal Read-a-Loud 6:30 PM

Dec. 22 - January 10 Winter Break

Dave Aguilera at BCE


Updated November 13


Essential Question: How do people figure things out?

Story Type: Poems

"The Inventor Things Up Helicopters"


"Empanada Day"

"Cold Feet"

"Our Washing Machine"


"Montgolfier Brothers' Hot Air Balloon"


Topic 4:Use Multiplication to Divide: Division Facts

Fact Family:

2 x 3 = 6

3 x 2 = 6

6 ÷ 3 = 2

6 ÷ 2 = 3

63 ÷ 9 = 7

9 is the Divisor

7 is the Quotient

63 is the Dividend


Opinion Writing:

*Clearly tells the writer's opinion in the opening and conclusion

*includes reasons for the opinion, such as facts and examples, that are supported by details from research

*Tries to convince readers to agree with the writer's opinion

Structure: plurals changing y to i

Third Grade Writing Rubric

3rd Grade Non-Negotiables

  • Begin a sentence with a capital letter

  • Proper Nouns need a capital

  • End with the proper punctuation

  • Accountable for correct spelling

  • Create a plan

  • Indent a paragraph

  • Paragraph with topic and conclusion sentence

  • Stretch ideas/details and sentences


Figurative Language:

Metaphor: comparing two things without like or as

Simile is comparing two things with like or as.

Wonders Story Vocabulary:






free verse



Weekly Spelling Test: No Spelling this week

Base List:

Base List Challenge/Review Words:

Extended List: wrists:

Extended Challenge:

Physical Science:

We will start our physical science unit on forces and magnets.

Some Guiding Questions-

  1. What are balanced and unbalanced forces?

  2. Can magnets move objects?

  3. What materials are magnetic?

  4. What forces cause motion?

  5. Can you predict where an object will go by the direction and strength of the force?

Content Vocabulary: balanced forces, direction, evidence, force, measure, motion, observe, pattern, speed, strength, unbalanced forces, distance, electric, interactions, magnet, magnetic, orientation, properties, relationship, distance, electric,


Ways to Help


Our parent-teacher association is awesome and has so many activities happening. Please click here to access the website and learn about all the fun things happening.

Join us on one of the following dates at 6:30 PM: 10/11, 11/8, 12/7, Jan, 2/7, 3/7, 4/11, 5/5


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