MES Reading

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Tips for teaching reading at home with Mrs. Miller

Daily Read Aloud with Mrs. Miller

Fiction Reading Bookmark.pdf

Mrs. Hart's Fiction Bookmark

Fold in half and use as bookmark. This bookmark is a great way to keep track of the story mountain!

Nonfiction Reading

Mrs. Hart's Nonfiction Bookmark

Fold in half and use as bookmark. Keep track of the facts in your nonfiction text!

Stop and Jot-Fiction and Non-Fiction

Mr. K's Stop and Jot note taker

You can use this for both Nonfiction and Fiction!

MES Retelling Rope Student Copy

Retell Ropes

retell rubric- non fiction

Non-Fiction Retell Rubric by Mrs. Evans

Thank you Valerie Wilkinson @CCMES for all the sight word videos!

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List A2

List B

List C

Level D

Level E

Level F

Level G

Level H

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