October 2021

Counselor Corner Newsletter

Minden Elementary School

A Message from Mrs. Goering


It is finally Fall and the smoke has cleared. Cheers to Pumpkins Spice everything! The months are flying by as usual so here is an update in the world of School Counseling! October is anti-bullying month. The third grade teachers and I will be organizing a Kindness challenge for the grade to reinforce friendship and positivity. My lessons will be focusing on friendship, compassion, and being an Upstander!

Happy Trails,

Mrs. Goering

What is an Upstander?

Upstander: (n.) a person who does not join in when someone is being bullied. Instead an upstander "stands up" for the person who is being bullied.

How can my child be an Upstander?

  • An upstander may directly tell a bully to stop his or her actions.

  • Some upstanders create groups of people to stand up to bullies.

  • An upstander is someone who will connect with the one being bullied, providing a support system, while ignoring the bully’s words, threats, and actions.

  • Some upstanders can be successful in stopping bullying by diverting the bully’s attention to something other than the victim. For example, they may bring up a new movie or a video game and start a new discussion.

  • Upstanders can form anti-bullying and support groups for victims of bullying and bring awareness to other people about bullying issues in their community.

  • An upstander will know they can always find a trusted adult, even if they feel they can’t personally be involved in the issue, to help the person who is being bullied.

Appreciation Station!

Every Monday, I choose one student from each class from the PBIS ticket buckets in each classroom to come to Appreciation Station! The student who is chosen may bring a friend and come to the library during first recess to enjoy a snack, games, and an item from my treasure box!

October Classroom Counseling Lessons

Below are the topics for the Counseling Lessons this month. The lesson material is based on Second Step curriculum, as well as other resources, and involves appropriate books and videos to support the topic. Whole group and individual activities are also included. Kindergarten and 1st grade classes receive weekly lessons and 2nd-5th grade classes receive lessons bi-weekly. All lessons are included on my Landing Page.

Kinder-Bucket Fillers

1st Grade-Upstander/Bucket Filler

2nd Grade- Friendship/Compassion

3rd Grade- Friendship/Good Character

4th Grade- Upstander/ Compassion

5th Grade- Upstander/ Compassion

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