who volunteered, participated, and attended in 2018's STEAM Night!!!

It wouldn't have been such a great success without you!

What is STEAM Night?

STEAM Exploration Night is an evening event for the Douglas County community to explore and experience the STEAM activities and programs that occur in the Douglas County K-12 Schools. We will have various activities for both kids and adults!

Where is it?

STEAM Night is held at Douglas High School in the STEM Building and Commons.

DHS STEAM Night Map.pdf

DHS STEAM Night 2018

  • Main Building 101: Drama Activities
  • Courtyard: Ag Activities
  • 1st Floor STEM Building 701: Science Kit | 702: Business & Statistics | 704: Pixel Art | 705: Computer Programming |706: Scratch 3.0 & Spaghetti Towers | 707: Rube Goldberg | 708: FIRST Robotics
  • 2nd Floor STEM Building Stairwell: Tops & Parachutes | 720: Physics Demos | 721: Puzzle Room | 722: Volcanoes | 723 Tops & Catapults | 724: Chemistry Experiments | 725: LEGO Challenges | 726: PWLMS PLTW
  • 200 Building 217: Paper Airplanes | 219: Cantilevers | 220: LEGO & Rosie Revere | 222: Critter Camo & Snap Circuits | 225: Slime | 223: Mission to Mars & Space Docking | 226: Automotive & Straw Rockets | 227: Biometrics, Building Challenges, Build a Boat | 228: Biomedical Science | 229: Floating Houses & Slime | 230: Tallest Tower & Little Bits 231: STEAM Problem Solving

The Significance of STEAM

Through this inclusive community event, parents will get a better understanding of what their child is interested in and excelling in, as well as getting an insight to what they do under the subjects of STEAM during class. Parents might even take an interest into what their child does.

Students and children who aren't a part of the event, but are attendees can get a glimpse of what the work force can offer and the opportunities that can come of the realm of STEAM. It can even help them decide what they will soon decide to do and be in the future. And for those who aren't attending high school yet, can also get an idea of what might interest them to do during their high school career.

Through the activities and experience, the event also brings the Douglas community together, shining light to the importance of having a well-rounded and unified education that STEAM provides to the future leaders and game changers of the world.

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