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DC Samurai Training Academy

Yoshikazu Nakamura, our Shihan (師範 - "master instructor") has been training in his family's samurai arts since the age of three and is currently responsible for teaching and overseeing the survival of the art. After living and teaching in the United States for twenty years, Shihan Nakamura returned to Japan where he currently lives with his family and teaches his art to both kids and adults.

Bob Lowry, one of Shihan Nakamura's senior students (whose title is renshi - 錬士 - "a polished teacher"), opened his dojo in 2012 in Washington, DC. After several years of teaching and training students on both H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (the DC dojo's current location), Bob moved with his family to Denver Colorado and opened a dojo there.

Lauren Johnson is a long time student of Renshi Bob Lowry and Shihan Yoshikazu Nakamura. After Bob Lowry moved to Colorado, he gave ownership and control of the DC dojo to her, whereupon she formed DC Samurai Training Academy LLC with Adam Fries as a cooperative of local Bushinkai International instructors to operate the DC location under the continued technical guidance of Shihan Nakamura.

The art which Shihan Nakamura and his students learn and teach is one which has been practiced and passed on since the 7th Century CE.

Please pre-register (for kids; for adults) before visiting in-person.

Karate (in-person, ages 8 and under): Monday & Wednesday from 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Karate (in-person, ages 8 and up): Monday & Wednesday from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Adult Jujutsu: Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM. Please confirm with instructor.

Adult Sword: Monday & Wednesday at 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Please contact virtual class instructor for link to virtual class.

Kids' Karate (virtual): Tuesday & Thursday from 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Adult Karate (virtual): Tuesday & Thursday from 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM

Purchase videos of Shihan performing Wado Ryu Karate kata right here!

Please email with any questions:

Sensei Lauren : lauren@dcsamurai.com