Women In Business Scholarship

Supported by the Community Foundation of South Central New York

Women belong at home - - Running their own business! A home business opens doors for you to achieve financial independence. This Scholarship supports female students who are prepared and committed to completing the program and launching a microenterprise at the end of the program. Suitable ventures include ideas like running a Facebook Marketplace retail business, working as a frelancer for a professional outsource broker, taking arts and crafts to Internet marketplace, launching a virtual consultant site, etc.

CTE 2020 Graduate Scholarship

Supported by DCMO BOCES

DCMO BOCES is proud to support our students. The Future Entrepreneur Scholarship is offered to students who graduated from a CTE program in 2020 who expressed desire to start a small business using the skills learned at DCMO BOCES. Students awarded this scholarship will receive full tuition, meals and a gas card to fund traveling expenses.

To apply click on the link below. or send an email describing the CTE program and how you will use the learned skills to start your small business.

Send your email to

Dislocated Workers

Supported by CDO Workforce

CDO Workforce has resources available such as access to computer equipment and other support services.

If you are a displaced worker, as a result of COVID, or an unemployed individual looking to explore a new career in entrepreneurship, please send us an email. We will work with our team to identify any support services or financial help available to help you.