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December 2018 Update

Sent to Year 07 Parents/Carers - 06/12/2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to you with some updates about our developing use of chromebooks as an academic resource in school. We are delighted to inform you that we have advertised for a Lead Teacher, for Chromebook Development within school. The post holder, amongst other responsibilities will work with departments to develop their use of chromebooks across lessons to further engage our students in their use across their learning. I am also pleased to confirm that the English and Science Departments will be lead departments in the continued development of chromebooks as learning tools. Indeed in the new year the work in English around ‘Shakespeare’s World’ already has been planned to incorporate chromebooks and the department is looking forward to continue to develop work in this learning area.

We are very conscious that we want to build on the momentum we have already created with chromebook use in school and do not wish to lose it - but we still acknowledge that we wish to encourage even more use across lessons on a day to day basis as well as homework activities through our google classroom resources. It is very encouraging to walk the school as I do during the day to see students working on their chromebooks but it is our aim to have opportunities for use in all our lessons as we progress the programme over the coming months and years and to develop a consistent approach across departments.

Attached to this letter you will find the next round of opening for the Yr 7 portal. The window for the portal runs from 6th December until the 12th. Having discussed the reasons for such a small window Freedomtech, the supplier have confirmed that this is so they can deliver the chromebooks in January. Extending the portal opening would see a delivery date of February 2019.

Further to this, in January we are also looking to offer some drop in sessions with our IT technicians so that students can bring their chromebooks along and get further advice and guidance on how they can be used in the classroom and to complete homeworks.

We want to put technology at the heart of the learning we offer in school and we are working on our schemes of work to ensure opportunities for chromebook learning take place in the classroom alongside more traditional methods. To this end, please could you ensure your child brings their chromebook to school every day and that it is fully charged overnight as we cannot facilitate this in school. The full charge will last the day.

We really do appreciate your continued support with this project, which for us all, is a new way of enhancing the learning of our youngest students.

Yours Sincerely,

Martin Allenby

(Assistant Head)