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Archdiocese of Detroit Standards - "Archdiocese of Detroit students, teachers, and schools are held to a high standard of continuous improvement by a variety of assessment tools, agencies and internal inspection. Catholic schools are not governed by state agencies and are not assessed by them. We will continue to ensure that the education provided by Detroit Archdiocese schools prepares our students to be personally successful, demonstrate complete personal development and experience unsurpassed academic achievement."

6th Grade Math Standards - The 6th Grade at DCES will be using the Sadlier Math series to guide our mastery of these standards. We will utilize digital resources, physical manipulatives and interactive web-based activities to support our learning!

Standards for Mathematical Practice - "The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students. These practices rest on important ‚Äúprocesses and proficiencies‚ÄĚ with longstanding importance in mathematics education." The Sadlier Math curriculum builds strength in all 8 of these standards, allowing the student to develop a confident approach to any real-world mathematics application.

Sadlier Connect Family Resources - Access Family Support Letters and Virtual Manipulatives to best assist your student on the home front.