The first known record that hints at a family of cakes baked by rotating spit over cilinders dates back to Medieval times (about 1450) and is found in a manuscript from Heidelberg. The description mentions a strip of raised dough that has to be wound in a helix shape around a baking spit, and brushed with egg yolk before baking.

The first known recipe of Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cakes) originates from Transylvania, Romania/Hungary included in the 1784 cookbook of Countess Mária Mikes of Zabola. It makes no mention, however, of sweetening of any kind in the preparation. A recipe from the cookbook written by Kristóf Simai in 1795 in Upper Hungary (present-day Slovakia) first mentioned "sweetening subsequent to baking", the cake surface is covered with sugar before baking and then covered in chopped nuts (e.g. walnut, almond ...) coconut, cinnamon and many other flavors as the cake evolved.

By the end of the 18th century, kürtőskalács (Chimeny Cakes) had become popular in all Hungarian and Romanian speaking regions as a defining element of both urban and rustic cuisine. In the first volume of A Székelyföld leírása (Description of the Szeklerland) from 1868, Balázs Orbán writes about the genesis legend of Udvarhelyszék, which holds that the Szeklers, chased into caves and later blockaded by the Tatars, eventually made the enemy leave by presenting them a huge kürtőskalács made of straw which they held out of the cave to show they had supplies to endure the siege. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the recipe of the cake was recorded in numerous popular cookbooks.

By the middle of the 1990s, kürtőskalács (chimney cakes) became popular in most cities in Hungary, Romania and tourists visiting reported on "the gorgeous, sweet, tubular treat" with admiration. Because of international migrations and tourism, however, kürtőskalács is also no longer regarded as a solely Szekler or Hungarian/Romanian symbol, but rather as representative of European gastronomy.

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Chimney Cake panini


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chimney cake panini

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