School Naming & Mascot

Our Proposed School Name

DCPS has proposed to DC Council that New North MS be named Ida B. Wells Middle School. Ida B. Wells was an iconic African-American investigative journalist, civil rights activist, educator, and researcher.

Read the full announcement from DCPS Chancellor Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee here.

Collection of Nominations

DCPS has recently completed a community feedback and engagement process to help us determine the school's official name. The DCPS School Naming policy outlines criteria for how DCPS should lead a community input and engagement process that starts with collecting nominations.

DCPS collected nominations from the public from June 11 to September 7

  • Seventy-eight percent of nominations have come from residents who report living in Ward 4.
  • Thirty-seven percent of nominations came from 14 community members, 29% came from 11 parents, 11% came from 4 DCPS alums, 8% came from 3 central office staff members, 5% came from 2 students, and 5% came from 2 school staff members. The remaining came from individuals who did not disclose a DCPS affiliation on the nomination form.
  • Respondents were asked to select a school affiliation on the nomination form. Seventeen DCPS school communities are represented in this answer including 8 DCPS school communities located in Ward 4 and every school in the Coolidge High School feeder pattern.
  • Civil rights activists and politicians have been the most popular professional backgrounds of current nominees.
  • Five nominations were ineligible and thus did not move forward either because the person is still living or has not been deceased for at least two years.

For more information about who was nominated including additional data, then please visit the DCPS school planning blog.

Selection of Finalist Names

The DCPS school planning team worked together with the Coolidge Community group to narrow down the nominations to the 10 finalist names below on October 4 and 11

  • This group is made up of parents, teachers, and community members from Brightwood EC, Coolidge HS, LaSalle-Backus EC, Takoma EC, and Whittier EC.
  • The group used a rubric that was developed from criteria outlined in the DCPS school naming policy .

Community Survey

The DCPS school planning team worked with the DCPS Office of Family Engagement to develop a survey for the public to share feedback and to rank their choices for the name of the school. The survey was open from October 17 to October 30.

  • The survey asked respondents to rank the 10 names from their most to least favorite.
  • The public was also given an opportunity to submit comments about the names, the ones they preference higher along with an explanation.

Selection of School Mascot

The DCPS School Planning team has been collecting ideas and input from 5th Graders at each feeder education campus about their ideas for a school mascot. Their current top selection is a wolf. Below is a preliminary draft of a potential mascot for New North MS. DCPS will engage in more feedback with Northern Ward 4 to finalize the school mascot.

After engaging with students and families, Ida B. Wells MS now has a new logo to reflect the new proposed name. The mascot will remain the wolves, #GoWolves!