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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DCPS opening a new middle school in Northern Ward 4?

In 2014 the DC Advisory Committee on Student Assignment, which was a group of residents, parents and community stakeholders, came together to review student assignment, boundaries, and feeder patterns. After a 9 month process of gathering input and feedback from all 8 wards with about 1,500 residents in focus groups, working groups and community meetings, they presented a set of recommendations to DCPS.

One of these recommendations included opening a new middle school in Ward 4. This recommendation and other factors behind this decision are summarized below.

  • 3 of the 4 education campuses that currently feed into Coolidge High School: LaSalle-Backus EC, Takoma EC, and Brightwood EC are near capacity or are already over capacity.
  • In a recent strategic regional analysis DCPS helped conduct with the DC Office of Planning, some of the highest population growth in the city is expected in the neighborhoods of Brightwood Park, Takoma and Manor Park over the next 7 years.
  • In a 2016 survey of 150 parents and school staff from the education campuses, 90% of parents and 90% of staff recommended moving forward with the 2014 recommendation to open a new middle school.
  • Early childhood is in high demand. As of September 2017, there were over 70 in-boundary families on a waitlist to enroll in either PK3 or PK4. DCPS can offer more seats with the space created after the MS transition.

What is the boundary for New North MS?

New North Middle School is the public school of right for all school-age children living within the below attendance zone. It is also the public school of right for families who have students currently attending Brightwood EC, LaSalle-Backus EC, Takoma EC and Whittier EC. Next year, New North Middle School will open with a 6th grade class and add a grade each year until it is a middle school that serves 6th - 8th grade in SY21-22.

What will change for the schools that currently feed into Coolidge High School?

Brightwood EC, La Salle-Backus EC, Takoma EC and Whittier EC currently feed into Coolidge High School as education campuses that serve PK-8th grades. Beginning in SY19-20, these education campuses will begin phasing out their middle schools starting with 6th grade in SY19-20. New North MS will open in SY19-20 with a 6th grade class and will add a grade each year until it becomes a 6th - 8th grade middle school in SY21-22. Students currently enrolled in 5th grade at one of the feeder education campuses can enroll their child at New North MS starting in April 2019.

Who can I get in touch with if I have additional questions?

  • School Program: If you have questions about what will be offered at New North MS including the academic program, after school, sports and enrichment. You can reach out to the DCPS school planning team at dcps.planning@dc.gov.
  • Enrollment: If you have questions about how you can enroll your child at New North MS. You can contact the DCPS enrollment team at 202-478-5738. You can also e-mail them at enroll.inbox@dc.gov.