Freelance & Consultancy

Audio Research and Related Projects



I have been in education since 2002 and have delivered content at a number of levels during that time including City & Guilds, BTEC, Key Skills, HNC HND and FdA. My current focus is on the delivery of Undergraduate BA (Hons) Courses and Post Graduate MA Courses at dBs Music, Plymouth.


I opened my first commercial recording studio at 20 years old, in 1998 with funds from the Prince's Trust. Since then I have planned, built and run several commercial recording studios. I have consulted on the design for Mastering Studios and Practice Rooms. I am particularly strong at System's Integration including Patchbay Design and Implementation.


My other passion is Technology and how this can be used in audio. I am interested in both electronics and programming and would consider myself a 'Maker' more than an expert. I like to hack electronics and code to create new things. As such I am vaguely proficient in a number of programming language such as C/C++, Python, HTML5/Javascript, PHP/mySQL and others.

Production Equipment

Field/Location Microphones

[2] Elecro-voice 635A

[1] Electro-voice RE50B

[1] Roland CS10EM (Binaural)

General Microphones

[1] Audio Technica 4033A + Cradle

[1] Shure SM57

[4] Shure SM58

Vintage Microphones

[1] Altec 633A "Salt-shaker"

[1] Beyerdynamic M260N (Ribbon)

[1] Sennheiser MD421N

[1] STC 4105

[1] STC/Coles 4033 "Apple/Ball and Biscuit"

FX Microphones

[1] Carbon Telephone Mic

[1] Crystal Telephone Mic

Field Recorders

[1] Tascam DR40

[1] Zoom H4n

Production Software/Hardware

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate + All Avid Plugins

Apple Macbook Pro


[1] Sennheiser HD380 Pro

[3] Beyerdynamic DT-100

[2] Orchard Electronics DI (Active)

[1] Radial DI (Passive)

[1] Radio ReAmp (Passive)

[1] eBow

Pickups, contact mics, etc. for sound design.

Outboard FX

Yamaha E1010 - Analog Delay

WEM IC400 Copicat - Tape Delay

Pioneer SR-202W - Spring Reverb

[20+] DIY, Vintage and Analogue FX pedals

Camera Equipment

[1] Go Pro Hero 5

[2] Sony A7sII rigs in Movcam Cages

[2] Sony FE 24-70mm f/4.0 Lenses

[1] BMD Design Video Assist

[2] BMD Video Assist 4K

[1] BMD ATEM 4K Production Switcher

[1] BMD 4K Monitor

[1} iPhone XS with Filmic Pro

[1] Adobe Creative Bundle Subscription