Zen & the Art of Noise Reduction

Research & Practice

A lecturer and Content Creator at dBs Institue and Course Leader for BA(Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering and MA(Hons) Innovation in Sound, Plymouth Campus.

My specialism is Music Tech, especially vintage/analogue recording gear; teaching (undergrad. and postgrad. levels), and practice (commercial businesses). I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Music, am an active participant in several research groups holding a full membership with the Audio Engineering Society.

This unique skill set makes me particularly strong at Systems Integration, this usually involves planning complex technical set-ups such as audio/video/computer systems, studio design (equipment and acoustics), and associated wiring.

Alongside more traditional musical projects, I like to experiment with techniques such as binaural soundscapes, alongside the construction of electronic and/or computer based audio devices.

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I opened my first commercial recording studio in 1998 with help from the Prince's Trust. Two studios, an independent record label and a live-streaming (video/audio) show later.

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I enjoy having access to a number of excellent audio systems across the Plymouth and Bristol HE campuses of dBs Institute. This makes me proficient with a number of analogue, digital and hybrid systems, including SSL, Neve and API consoles, Pro Tools systems, Studer Tape Machines, and a vast range of outboard gear.

AMS Neve Genesys

SSL AWS924 delta+

Studer A800 MkIII