Service Introduction


Non-government Organisations (NGOs) in Hong Kong have first started providing pilot school social work service to local schools in 1971 and that further expanded to all other secondary schools in 1982. In 2000, the policy of “one school one social worker” was implemented; and in 2019, it was decided that each school would be assigned an additional social worker. Mr. Lau Chung Kit and Ms. Chu Wing Man currently serve as the school social workers at DBS, as arranged by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited (“the HKSKHWC”), one of the NGOs in Hong Kong, in September 2017 and August 2020 respectively.

Objectives of School Social Work Service

  1. To support students in developing their potential, facilitating their personal development, building up harmonious family and peer relationships, and encouraging them to care for the community

  2. To support students in overcoming their personal, social and academic difficulties

  3. To strengthen communication among students, parents, school and the community


  1. Counselling Service: The social workers support students in facing emotional, social, behavioral, family and academic difficulties through personal interviews and home visits, etc.

  2. Referral Service: Students would be referred by the social workers to relevant professional services (e.g. clinical psychologists and educational psychologists) to meet their specific needs

  3. Groups and Programs: Various groups and programs would be provided to help students develop their potentials and correct values, e.g. voluntary services, leadership training, peer counseling scheme and G7 students’ adjustment activities, etc.

  4. Crisis Intervention: Crisis intervention would be provided to students and their families facing crisis, in order to support them in overcoming their difficulties and experience personal growth

  5. Enquiry Services: Information and advice would be provided to students, parents and teachers when necessary. Professional opinions would also be shared at school meetings, e.g. P.T.A., Student Council, and teachers’ staff meetings

  6. Networking External Resources: Community resources would be networked to the school, such as children and youth integrated teams, outreaching teams, family life education services, etc.

Service Hours

Students and parents are most welcome to contact the school social workers from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at school. They can also be reached on Thursday and Saturday at the center. Service hours are as follows:

Contact Information

Social Workers' Office in DBS:

Mr. LAU Chung Kit: 2768-5613 /

Ms. CHU Wing Man, Stella: 2768-5614 /

H.K.S.K.H. Kowloon City Children & Youth Integrated Service Centre

Address: A205, Ching Long Shopping Centre, Kowloon City, Kowloon

Telephone no.: 2711-9229


Instagram Page: