About Us

The leadership team includes the Principal and Deputy Principal. We have five year-group team leaders. Each team consists of two to five teachers at a similar year level. A number of other staff take on responsibilities throughout the school. We also have a number of teacher aides who work in classes or with individual students and a support team for administration and property.

We have...

  • One-day extension class teacher
  • 3x e-Learning classes
  • Music specialist
  • Science/Enviro specialist
  • Reading support teachers
  • English Language Teachers
  • Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (R.T.L.B)
  • SWANS Class (Students with Additional Needs)
  • Social worker
  • School nurses
  • Cooking & Gardening staff

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of parents elected to represent the community of Dawson Primary. They meet every third Thursday of the month at the school from 5.30 – 8.00.

The Chairperson of the Board is Steven Martin and the Deputy Chair is Iunisi Johanson.

The Board of Trustees can be contacted through the school.

Management & Office Staff

Angela Funaki


Robyn Harding

Deputy Principal

Y1 Team Leader / SENCO

Merryn Boyd

Executive Officer

Karen Osborne

Office Staff

Year 1 Teachers

Valerie Ramsay

Room 1

Lagi Tuuholoaki

Room 2

Renee Hayward

Room 3

Jenny Wards

Room 4

Year 2 Teachers

Lillian Nathan

Room 5

Year 2 Team Leader / Maori, Travelwise, Health Promoting Schools

Afshreen Khan

Room 7

Year 3 Teachers

Deshni Pillay

Room 8

Year 3 Team Leader

Janna Bailey

Room 9 - Y2&3

Parag Gandhi

Room 10

Year 4 Teachers

Laura Ehrhorn

Room 11

P.E. Co-ordinator

Diane Brass

Room 13

SWANS Class Y3&4

Year 4 Team Leader / SENCO

Year 5 Teachers

Anna Latulipe

Room 19

Literacy Leader - Reading

Year 5 Team Leader

Sheikha Shoaib

Room 20

Tracy Dahlberg

Room 21

Year 6 Teachers

Bonita Pesaleli

Room 16

e-Learning class

ICT & Sports Co-ordinator

Ravneet Sandhu

Room 17

Y5&6 e-Learning class

Tarayn Zeier

Room 18

Y6 Team Leader / e-Learning class / ICT Co-ordinator & Literacy Leader (Writing)

Specialist Staff & Caretaker

Deborah Davies

Room 20

Science/ Enviro Specialist

Kirsty Ellis

ESOL Teacher / Reading Together

Carolyn Tawhai

ESOL Teacher

Roseanne Andrews

Librarian / Reading Specialist

Ngaire Bird

Music Teacher

Johnny Hoff

SWIS Worker

Lisa Rolle

Extension Teacher

Grant McMillan


Teacher Aides / Support Staff

Judy Fowler

Asarey Maika

Sabrina Edwards

Tile Ioane

Eni Tamatoa

Lani Mataio

Michelle McMillan

Sivao Leuta

Puvava Seumanataf

Mary Manu

Rita Natoealofa

Janella Pepe