Davis Academy Middle School 6th Grade Language Arts


Pronoun Unit Test 11/29

Newspaper Article due 12/7

Membean and Roots Tests 12/7

Mystery novel due 12/10

WEEK OF 11/26

I hope you all enjoyed the time away from school. I spent time with family, a dear friend, and did a LOT of cooking.

Monday is Spirit Day! You may wear school-appropriate spirit wear or your regular school uniform. P.E. clothes are not considered "spirit wear". This week, we will review for the upcoming pronoun unit test (on Thursday). Also on Thursday is the Spelling Bee during study hall/clubs time. We look forward to supporting Wendell! On Friday, I will explain diction, provide tips on commonly confused words, and will distribute a study guide for the language arts midterm. There is no roots or Membean test this week, but you should continue vocabulary practice and studying root words.

Instead of a journal entry this week, work on your newspaper article. The final draft is due 12/7. I will have a place on the board in class for you to sign up if you want me to review/edit your article prior to the 7th.

Here's the video we watched in class on Friday. Enjoy!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

WEEK OF 11/12

This week, we continue our unit on pronouns, learning about case. I will introduce the next novel unit, and on Friday, I will share information about the annual 6th grade newspaper. (Note: This is not the newspaper produced by the Thursday club.) We will cover the literary elements foreshadowing and suspense on Friday as well. If you know you will be out on Friday, make sure you see me beforehand.

Monday: You will receive the graded roots and Giver tests. I will explain the next novel unit. You will work independently on the antecedent section of the pronoun unit.

Day 2: CASE (pronoun unit)

Day 3: CASE continued, as well as diagramming imperatives and interjections

Day 4: Foreshadowing, 6th grade newspaper instructions


  • Return The Giver, be careful as you remove sticky notes.
  • Membean, 45 minutes by Sunday night.
  • Continue learning roots unit 6.
  • Choose and begin reading mystery novel. See the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS page on the blog for the list of novels you may choose from.


Because Mrs. Winston told everyone that there is no Membean this week, I am making it optional. Some people want the 100 in their Netclassroom grade. Others don't want to worry about it. Therefore, it will be optional this week. Each student will tell me on Monday whether they want me to include the Membean grade this week or not.

WEEK OF 11/5

We complete our study of The Giver this week, focusing on the incredible conclusion and the underlying theme it presents. We will then learn how to write an A.C.E. analytical paragraph in preparation for Thursday's test. Remember that the test is open note, open book, but not open computer. Have your notes PRINTED for Thursday and bring your book. You will not be permitted to borrow a book or someone else's notes.

On Friday we have a 1/2 day of programming related to the visual and performing arts.

Continue with Membean practice and learning root words. It will be several weeks before the next vocabulary and roots tests, but you should not procrastinate in your studies.

Our hearts are with Congregation Tree of Life. This tragedy will forever be linked in my mind with our recent visit to Mother Emanual A.M.E. church where we sang "Praying With Our Feet" after hearing about a similar event. We will support one another in the best ways we know how.

WEEK OF 10/29

This week we will continue the pronoun unit, discuss the novel, review diagramming, and work on revising writing to make it more effective. Note that your donations are accepted until Wednesday for Camp Aurora. Wednesday is Pink Out Day as we focus on Breast Cancer research and prevention.

In class: Monday - possessive pronouns as adjectives, antecedents

Day 2 - discussion on The Giver with a focus on symbolism, uniformity, and evidence of setting

Day 3 - Diagramming modifiers

Day 4 - What makes writing "better"?

HOMEWORK THIS WEEK: Journal Entry #4 on Google Classroom, due Friday 45 minutes of Membean due Sunday, Nov. 4 (by 10 pm), continue reading and annotating the novel, learn roots unit 5 words.

We won't have time to share all the Tellus projects in class, but you can check out all the hard work that your friends put in! Go here, and click away. If a project asks you to sign in, use your @davisstudent ID and your computer password.

WEEK OF 10/22

Welcome home! It was a fabulous trip to Charleston, one of the oldest established cities in the country. This week we return to grammar, the novel, vocabulary and roots. In grammar, we begin the pronoun unit. With the novel, we will discuss euphemism and why this type of language exists in our culture.

Friday is a spirit day, so wear your Davis spirit wear!

Day 1 (Monday): Reflect on the trip and work on your journal entry, due Friday. I will return the essays and Tellus Sway rubrics.

Day 2: Grammar - pronouns: types of pronouns, including indefinites/singular and plural, determining whether a word is acting as a pronoun or an adjective (I will be on a field trip with the photography class on Wednesday. Mrs. Willis will complete this lesson with those blocks.)

Day 3: Euphemism, annotation check-in

Day 4: Membean Test, Roots Test


30 minutes of Membean by Thursday at 10:00.

Reflective journal entry

Read The Giver and annotate for setting, symbols, euphemism

WEEK OF 10-8

  1. The essay revision is due Monday at the end of the day. Remember you MUST turn in the original, with my handwritten notes, along with the original rubric (that also has notes) as well as the new version of your essay,
  2. Work on your Sway project this week.
  3. Read The Giver
  4. There will be no Membean homework this week. No vocab or roots test until after our Charleston trip.

On Day 2, we will focus on literary elements.

On Day 3, we will review diagramming and then have a discussion about how best to use the LA binders.

On Day 4, you'll have a lesson on adding descriptive elements to your writing, then the remainder of class you can finish up the Sway.

FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO TAKE THE NOUN UNIT RECOVERY TEST (you may earn up to 75%), plan on Wednesday during study hall.

WEEKS OF 9-10 thru 9-21

Wishing you and your family a sweet year and an easy fast if you choose to do so.

  • We begin the process of essay writing. In class 9-12 and 9-13, we will cover styles of paragraphs (funnel/inverted funnel), parenthetical citation, and MLA format. The remaining class time on Tuesday and Wednesday is for drafting and writing.
  • Friday, 9-14 we will continue our study of nouns.
  • On 9-17, I will distribute a chart of literary elements. The remaining time will be for working on the essay.
  • 9-18 is our fabulous film festival! Don't miss it. We will watch a movie related to the topics associated with the High Holy Days.
  • On 9-20, final in-class time to work on the essay.
  • On 9-21, UPDATE I have moved the Membean Test to allow one additional day to complete the essay. Due at the end of class.


You should complete 45 minutes of Membean practice between 9-3 and 9-14.

You should complete 20 minutes of Membean practice between 9-15 and 9-21.

You will not have a journal entry. Use that time to work on your essay. I will provide feedback on your document as you progress. It is YOUR responsibility to read my comments.

WEEK OF 9-4-18

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I saw some amazing sights on my nature walks near the river. In between grading your tests and journal entries, I made challah with my daughter, made dinner for my mother, and watched the Georgia Bulldogs show why they are ranked #3! I did not go to Athens, but Mrs. London did!

  • On Days 2 and 3, we continue our study of nouns, focusing on plurals, possessives, and determining whether a word is acting as a noun, verb, or adjective.
  • On Friday will be the second Membean and Roots Tests.
  • Also on Day 2, I will share some cultural information about the time period of the mid-1960s, which is when Watsons is set. LOOK ON THE WATSONS PACING CHART PAGE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW.
  • IF YOU NEED HELP WITH ROOTS, come before the 7:55 bell on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

WEEK OF 8-27-18

It has been a terrific few weeks! Keep up your positive energy.


  • Monday: Bring your summer reading book to finish your character traits chart.

I will also be explaining what annotations are and how to complete them.

You will receive your copy of Watsons go to Birmingham. Begin reading.

  • Day 2 (Tues/Wed): Vocabulary Test AND Roots Test
  • Thursday: Grammar - NOUNS (recognizing all different kinds)
  • Friday: BreakOut! *Update* Another teacher has asked me to use the BreakOut Kit on this day. In the spirit of community and teamwork, I will be moving this activity to another day. Don't worry, we'll do it at some point. Instead, let's keep our fingers crossed for good weather so we can move our lesson outside...diagramming with sidewalk chalk!


  1. 45 minutes of Membean by Sunday night
  2. Begin learning roots unit 2
  3. Read Watsons, according to the pacing chart
  4. JOURNAL ENTRY on Google Classroom, due Friday by 5pm.

WEEK OF 8-20-18

I am sorry that I had to be out on Friday. We experienced an unexpected death in my family. I am still a little shaken by it, but I am okay. I will be back on Monday but may need to be out again for a short time in the near future. Be patient with me as I work on grading your projects as it will take me a little longer than usual. This is a great time for you to practice what it means to be compassionate.


  • This week we will begin the regular vocabulary cycle: 45 minutes of Membean due by Sunday evening. On Monday, I will explain effective ways to use the program.
  • Begin learning the Unit 1 root words as well as words that contain those roots. I will follow up on what Ms. Willis has taught you about these.


  • We will begin our study of literary elements by focusing on characterization. You will complete two activities related to this concept on Days 2 and 3 in class.
  • We will put the LA notebooks together and will begin grammar study with a review of the difference between parts of speech and parts of a sentence.
  • On Friday, each block will have a BreakoutEdu session! Additionally, Friday is the first Spirit Day. Please see your school handbook for appropriate attire.

I look forward to seeing your parents at Back-to-School Night on Wednesday.


I can't express how excited I am for this year! We will work hard AND have fun. Please develop a habit of checking the blog.

WEEK OF 8-13-18

  • Summer reading: turn in your comprehension questions
  • Bring your quotes to class. We will use them on Day 2. (That will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your block. Don't worry, I will explain!)
  • You will need the book, Trapped, in class on Thursday and Friday. If you borrowed from a public library, no worries. We can share.
  • Syllabus due, signed, by 8-17-18 (Friday)
  • Bring your PE clothes, snacks, and water bottle, if you use one.
    • You won't be dressing out for PE on Monday, but go ahead and put your clothes in your locker.


July 15, 2016

Are you ready for our first week? Please make sure you:

  • Read Trapped, by Marc Aronson, and your choice of novel from the list provided to you.
  • Answer the comprehension questions. CLICK HERE
  • Complete the activity related to your choice book:
    • Choose two quotes from the book that you feel speak to you. Be prepared to explain why these quotes are meaningful.
    • Choose one character from the book that you feel connected to in some way. Be prepared to share a list of character traits this character has.

We will be utilizing your completed work in class the first week of school. Procrastination is never a good idea. If you have questions for me, use your school email yourname@davissstudent.org, and contact me at mstein@davisacademy.org.