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(Want to know if the library owns the book you're looking for and whether it is checked out? The library catalog is available 24/7)

(Access these research databases for your school papers 24/7. It has millions of online resources in science, health, business, literature, current issues, biography and much more from expert sources.)

(Fast research with automatic citations! One site includes encyclopedias, e-books, magazines, web sites, news, biographies, and atlases. The answers are accurate and from expert sources.)

Access to all the resources available from our local public library!

Available for free, online homework help, including live tutors from 2-9 p.m. One-on-one homework help, state-aligned skill building, test prep and writing assistance. Made possible through the Southern Oklahoma Library System.

Access to e-books that can be read online that our school library subscribes to. E-books can be read on any device that has internet access.