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CrossFit Nerd is an official non-profit CrossFit affiliate on the campus of Da Vinci Schools in El Segundo, California. Help us grow strong students by contributing to the movement!

Student Spotlight: aNDREA

Photo by Stacee Lianna

Andrea has been among the most dedicated CrossFit Nerds. She began with us her freshmen year and grew with us immensely during her sophomore and junior years. During her senior year, Andrea envisioned a space where students who could not fit CrossFit into their schedules could still learn to move well and push themselves mentally and physically, just as she had. She began an after school Functional Fitness club to coach her peers and underclassmen through foundational movements, and she was an AMAZING leader. Andrea graduated in June and is attending Westmont in the fall.

I asked Andrea a simple question: How has CrossFit changed you? This was her answer:

Prior to joining CrossFit, I dealt heavily with anorexia & depression; in short, I weighed bout 70 lbs at 14, which, due to malnutrition, left me extremely weak. I was a skeleton, void of emotion, hardly spoke. Everything from school, therapy, just trying to stay awake was exhausting, so right off the bat, CrossFit was a struggle. However, I had coaches that saw the effort I put forth- my capabilities- & supported my progress. CrossFit fostered a space where I was able to grow, gain weight safely without feeling lazy, get stronger physically and mentally, & express myself. I could focus my energy- my body- into these beautiful, intricate movements, which eventually helped me see my body as strong, capable. Yeah, I can deadlift my body weight, box jump, do burpees; I’m pretty awesome! CrossFit has been pivotal in changing my mindset along with my body.

Andrea, Da Vinci Science C/O 2018

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