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We will be reading two novels this year in class. With the current health situation we are not allowed to share items. The novels are Touching Spirit Bear and The Outsiders. It is highly recommended that you get your own copy of each book. The Amazon links are attached to the books titles above. You do not have to get your copy from there, but please get that edition, so the pages line up.

Welcome to ELA

Hi, I'm so glad you will be in my class this year. I love reading and writing and helping students learn how to better communicate. You have ideas, feelings, thoughts and values that you want to share with the world. One way to share will often be written or verbal communication. In this class, we learn to dig deep into what an author is sharing with us and then we share our thoughts with others and grow with that new understanding.

The best thing you can do to learn and grow into the person you want to be is read and explore others ideas. By learning what others went through and how they feel, you can learn to listen, value and find significance in them as a person as well as yourself.

Note to parents: We used to learn language arts mainly through books, but now digital information is often the media used to find information, to learn how to, or to enjoy a story. We will be using videos, internet articles, PDFs, and books both paper and audio this year.

Help Sessions and After 5PM Office Hours

Zoom Help sessions each Wednesday morning from 8:30AM-9:30AM. Pop in and out as you need.

Tuesday or Wednesday evenings you can reach me 5PM-7PM.

I will be taking time with my own family and assisting my personal children with school work after 5PM Monday-Thursdays. If you need to contact me at a time outside of office hours, I will return your message the next school day.

To keep a balance between work and home, I will begin my weekend on Friday at 4:00PM and will only be available over weekends at my discretion.