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Spiritual Evolution in the Animal Kingdom: Karma, Reincarnation and the Repercussions of Eating Meat

This book presents the most in-depth research into animal spirituality: the creation of animals' souls, the evolution of their consciousness, and their role on the planet Earth.

This is a profound study that investigates how animals’ reincarnation takes place; how karma affects them and what really happens in the astral realms when an animal dies, including the victims of ritual sacrifice.

The author also examines the spiritual repercussions of eating meat, as well as how the existence of slaughterhouses in the third dimension assists dark spirits to establish wars, diseases and heinous crimes amongst humans. All done under the lens of modern-day sciences, ancient esoteric outlooks and contemporaneous spiritualist schools - and its contents aim to address the spirituality of animals, regardless of how they may benefit humans and their religiosity.

Finally, this book addresses the awakening of a new astrological era, where animals will enduringly have their earthly lives elevated to degrees of worthiness and dignity. Thus, veganism is framed as a pinnacle movement in the Age of Aquarius.

Paperback, Kindle and Audible

The Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic

“Miracle is what science cannot explain nor understand… until the phenomenon is understood or studied. Thereby it is described by scientists as a physical event.”

The law of attraction, astrology, karma, communication with the other world, etc… Much is debated with regard to these so-called paranormal or spiritual subjects, but how thrilling would it be to have a scientific description of them as opposed to a mere, simplistic mystical definition? How does the force behind the tarot cards work? What do spirits do with the offerings they receive? If thoughts have power, how can they transform neuronal functions into physical reality?

This book gives you the answers to the mysteries of metaphysics, bridging the occult with science.