Spiritual Evolution in the Animal Kingdom: Karma, Reincarnation and the Repercussions of Meat Consumption

Spiritual Evolution in the Animal Kingdom scrutinizes the extra-physical reality of animals. The author addresses themes such as the composition of their spiritual bodies, their chakras, auras and how each species have different non-material anatomies. In addition to analyzing the extra-physical bodies and energy fields of animals, Barreto details how reincarnation in the animal kingdom occurs, elucidating what happens after the passing of an animal, either by natural reasons or when killed. Thus, a meticulous description of the life in between and pre-reincarnation is proposed, considering the animals in astral communities, those in traineeships and in the realms of the elementals, those who reincarnate immediately after death, as well as animals victim of ritualistic sacrifice. Thereupon, the author provides in-depth answers to questions such as “Where do animal spirits go after death? and “How do spirits and entities make use of such sacrifices?”. Together with their reincarnation, the author discusses “how and why” the law of karma, or “cause and effect”, affects them.

Focusing on an amalgamation of esoteric schools to synthesize the spiritual and energetic repercussions of meat consumption, the author also bases his research on modern physics, describing how the energetic counterpart of meat behaves. Along these lines, Barreto exposes the astral and etheric aspects of slaughterhouses, discussing how the existence of these places benefit certain spirits in establishing wars, diseases and heinous crimes among humans.

The book is rich in its anthropological investigation, and the author delves into animal worship in ancient religions, revealing the hidden truth of ceremonies where animal adoration occurred in Egypt, India and China. In this way, a link between the gods who acquired animal features and their relation to real animals is examined under the lenses of religious literacy and spiritualist perspectives. The book brings objective explanations of various so-called mystical and new age subjects, such as totem animals, elementals, guardian animals, archetypes, animals in alchemy, and, especially, of evolved spirits dedicated to animals.

A notorious argument through Barreto’s work is that an individual, like an animal, dwells in several dimensions simultaneously, with a different of its bodies in each dimension. For this reason, this book investigates the intrinsic paranormal activity among several species, providing interesting examples. Touching on biblical prophecy and astrology, the author addresses the awakening of a new astrological age, thus paralleling several past ages to what occurred in the world of significance in those times. A relationship is thus drawn between the prophecies for the age of Aquarius and veganism. Due to a planetary transition where the Earth’s status quo will gradually shift, aided by the incarnation of new spirits, the orb’s frequencies will be elevated, and hence promote all animals to classes of love and respect.


Supernatural Science: Theory and Magic

“A miracle is what science cannot explain or understand... until the phenomenon is understood or studied. Hence, the miracle will be described by scientists as a physical event. ”

Law of attraction, astrology, karma, communication with the other world, etc... There is a lot of debate regarding these so-called paranormal or esoteric subjects, but how exciting would it be to have a scientific description instead of a mere mystical definition?

How does the force behind tarot cards work? What do spirits do with the offerings they receive? If thoughts have power, how can they transform neuronal functions into physical reality?

This book provides the answers to the mysteries of metaphysics, bridging the gap between the occult and modern science.