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On January 17th 2023, DAC made some exciting announcements! DAC is now offering three new services! Equipment Financing and Asset Backed Funding is now  live. Canadian Businesses can now get access to Revenue Based Funding. David showcased these new services getting everyone up to speed on these exciting updates! Get informed now with current information surrounding this incredible news.

New Social Marketing Material

New ConnectCard "Beta Mode" Order Process

Beta Mode!

We are happy to announce that our print ordering process is now live in beta mode! This means that we are now live and orders will be fulfilled. We strongly encourage you to use a custom domain name. Custom domain names help ensure your links remain accurate and up-to-date over time. When changes are made to the URL or site, your redirected link is easily updated so that all printed materials remain up-to-date and accurate. During this beta phase, there may be some visual or functionality issues, if you come across any issues please contact Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make changes and improvements.

We are so excited to offer you new packages!

Our new packages offer you a wide range of options for choosing different styles, quantities, or combos! New features such as automatic QR code generation and ResultsAI have been added making it simpler and easier for you! Please note you will need to create an account with our new printing provider. Go check out the new features and styles and tell us what you think!

So what is Results AI?

ResultsAI is a new program which will receive, track, and record all inbound calls. All calls will be forwarded to the phone number you provide ensuring there are no missed opportunities. ResultsAI records your calls with playback features for training and legal protection. While also providing you with tracking and analytical data. After placing your first order ResultsAI will assign a unique-to-you phone number with the same or local area code as your provided phone number. Once your order is complete expect to receive a ResultsAI invitation in your email. Your email will automatically be set to your login, all you need to do is set your password. Please Note: You will not receive a password confirmation email, so please retain your password for future logins.

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