Independent Study Opportunity

The independent study opportunity (ISO) applies to all grade levels. Once you have completed your daily work, meeting at least a level 3, you may choose to do as many as one of these ISOs per quarter. After completing your ISO, submit it to change your grade on three to five assignments that match the skills you demonstrate in your project. You might only turn in one ISO during the whole year, if your daily work does not allow you extensive time. Only the assignments in the quarter you choose to turn in your ISO are eligible for improvement. ISOs are not required, but any extra time in class will be used wisely increasing your Language Arts skills. Finally, ISOs may not change the zero grade for unexcused absences.

Each ISO targets multiple standards and skills. Choose one you are interested in completing, but also one in which you need to demonstrate improvements. More specific directions can be found in the classroom for now, but might be posted here at a later time.

20 ISO Options:

  • A 4+ page fictional short story, edited
  • Create a "How to Succeed in High School" guide
  • Multiple pamphlets designed for and promoting an activity of your choosing
  • Create A How to Make _______ guide (approve though Mrs. Hargrave)
  • Design a website that is a study guide for another class
  • Research a science topic of your choice, create a vlog on your topic
  • Spending time coding, write about your experience and reflect on the importance of coding
  • Write a collection of poetry
  • Find a problem people face, solve it (Design/Invent/Theorize)
  • Illustrate a short story or some other reading from class
  • Design a home using an online computer program of your choice for a character of your choice
  • Write a blog series
  • Read a book of your choosing and create a study guide
  • Read a book of your choosing and test the science of the book
  • Design/Create an app with a function that helps students in one of your classes, explain the process
  • Research a historical event that interests you, write a historical fiction piece
  • Research and create a physical fitness guide for a specific audience (kids, elderly, etc.)
  • Create a photography art collection that has a theme, write about the theme and your work
  • Read a book of your choosing and create a soundtrack that matches the books themes and characters, explain each songs relevance
  • Design an ISO with the help of Mrs. Hargrave