Cohort Outline

Desired Outcomes

The goal of this cohort is to empower teachers to effectively integrate technologies in their classrooms to engage students and improve achievement. This cohort will support teachers as they pursue Google for Education’s Level 1 or Level 2 Educator Certification.


We have many participants in this cohort of learning:

  • We have participants who are classroom teachers and those who aren't. Welcome!
  • We have participants from Davenport Community School District and some from outside our district. Welcome!
  • We have participants who have had limited experience with Google and those who have a lot of experience. Welcome!
  • We have participants who will join the cohort for every session and those who will pick and choose particular sessions. Welcome!
  • We have participants who like to learn as a group and those who like to learn solo. Welcome!
  • We have participants who can meet after school and some who can meet early in the morning or late at night. Welcome!


The content of this cohort will follow the Google for Education Level 1 and Level 2 Certification units which can be found on the Google for Education Training Center.

Unit Sessions vs. Lab Sessions

Each session is roughly an hour.

Unit sessions go through the units in the Google for Edu Training Center. These can be done with the support of our cohorts or independently. Verification of completion is via a progress report available from the Training Center which we will ask for at the end of our cohort.

Lab Sessions are also required this year. These are in person sessions where our cohort facilitators will provide additional time and support with the various skills from the units.

Scheduling and Communication

With the format we are using for this cohort, you'll find that our schedule can bend to suit your needs. Please contact your facilitator if you find that your schedule and our cohort's schedule don't jive. We can work out a solution just right for you. Our goal is to help everyone be successful in this cohort, so help us achieve this by speaking up if there are any struggles with schedules or content.