Volunteering with DataKind UK

At DataKind UK, our mission is to create the environment where charities and nonprofits can use data and data science. We run two types of projects with our charity partners - DataDives and DataCorps. Here you can find out more about volunteering as a Data Ambassador on a DataDive.

Hang on - What is a DataDive?

DataDives are intense, two-day data science events, usually held over a weekend. They create exploratory spaces where the charitable sector can gain first-hand access to diverse data science expertise and better understand what can be achieved with the smart use of data. Each charity is assigned a team of around three Data Ambassadors ahead of this weekend to help hone their analytical questions and prepare the data so everyone can get the most out of the event. During the weekend, each charity will have about 15-20 additional volunteer data scientists working on their project, with the Data Ambassadors leading the work.

The aim of a DataDive is two-fold:

  • to tackle the charity’s data challenge

  • to inspire them about what they can do with data

The Data Ambassador team for the ONE Campaign working with volunteers at a DataDive