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Cybersecurity Package for your social media

Clean up your Instagram and Twitter for $299.

Clean your Twitter and find out who your real users and customers are! Up to 10,000 followers.

Clean your Instagram and find out who your real users and customers are! Up to 10,000 followers.

Get in-depth analysis of the quality of followers and find fake or ghost followers on Twitter and Instagram for up to 10,000 followers. The report will show the number of real people and influencers among followers, the percentage of mass followers and suspicious accounts. Final delivery in 30 days and is subject to our terms of service.

You will get the following with every cleaning:

  • Audience Quality Score. AQS is a 1-100 metric that helps to understand the overall result of the analysis. It combines Engagement Rate (ER), Authentic Engagement, and Followers Reachability and weighs them against the current market situation.
  • Demographic and language insights
  • See countries, cities, and states breakdown for the United States
  • Authentic engagement check
  • Percentage of likes and comments generated by real people vs suspicious accounts
  • Check if bloggers comments come from an engaged and loyal audience and were not artificially created
  • Organize your influencers and calculate the total quality audience and authentic engagement of bloggers for your next campaign

Augmented Reality for Your eCommerce Store

Setup your e-commerce store in Augmented Reality on Shopify with Data 360! What's "Augmented Reality"? Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whereby the objects that reside in the real-world are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information. The most common applications are images.

Your online shoppers can view your products in their home, work, cars, or anywhere that their phone goes.

We'll help you create the 3D models of your products and get your products launched into the future!

3D models are created using photos. To create the 3D model, we need photos of your products from multiple angles. Models start at $599. Have questions? Email

Get a big boost from FBPlus!

Get 200 customers from your first FBPlus campaign for only $1,599

That's just $7.99 per customer!

FBPlus works!

With FBPlus, you get a Facebook page, automated content, automated recruitment and converted leads all in one uniform system! See how we boosted our own Facebook page account in less than 30 days from 0 traffic to over 7,000 impressions, a gain of 175 engagement and 275 likes. All pre-qualified traffic and leads!

Students and Business Owners take advantage of these free programs from Amazon

Students - Get books and audio on AI ML Big Data, IOT, Blockchain, AR, VR with Amazon Student Prime

Students enrolled in two- or four-year colleges are eligible for a six-month trial of Prime Student. After the six-month trial, Prime Student is 50% off a regular Prime membership. Prime Student members get fast, FREE Shipping on over 100 million items, thousands of TV shows and movies to stream, and exclusive college deals!

Click here to sign up for Amazon Prime Student.

Business Owners - Manage Your Business Supplies and Purchases with Amazon Business

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is changing the way companies buy supplies. For most small businesses, buying supplies can be time-consuming and frustrating. Finding the best product at the best price with the most convenient payment terms can be a challenge, especially when they have other tasks that need to be completed. Amazon Business is the solution and brings big benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Sign up for Amazon Business

Who is eligible for an Amazon Business account?

Business Accounts and business user accounts are intended for businesses and business-related organizations and may be used solely for business purposes. To create a business user account, users must use a valid email address. may use the business name, address, or business identification number and any other information a customer provides about their organization or users or that we may request or determine is necessary to verify accuracy and eligibility for Amazon Business. We may make, directly or through third parties, inquiries to validate information provided to us. We may accept or refuse use of Amazon Business at our discretion.

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AR / VR, IOT and other mobile APIs from Verizon

Data 360 is pleased to support the APIs from Verizon for messaging, location, navigation, personal cloud storage, IOT and VR/AR (release scheduled for January 2019). Email if you are interested in driving traffic to your local business, events or retails stores integrating these innovations provided by Verizon with Data 360's artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Courses from Data U on Thinkific

Want to learn about all of this new stuff about data, APIs and the behind the scenes of what this new revolution is all about? Click here to check out the courses.

Kickstarter and Data

Kickstarter is starting some new adventures in data. If you have the next greatest thing or want to feature a new product, service or art project (film, TV, theatre, art exhibition), then let us know by emailing and we'll hook you up!

Robots + Shopify?

Get an automated, AI enabled e-commerce site with Dat 360 and Shopify

Shopify applies to you in your business if you can sell your products or services via:

  • Online store
  • Point of sale
  • Buy button
  • Pinterest buyable pins
  • Facebook shop
  • Facebook messenger
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Sign up by emailing for more information.

One free month of courses from Google Cloud

If you are interested in learning what it takes to launch your own applications or if you have a technical / web team that can benefit from these course, please check out this special for one free month of courses on Coursera courtesy of the Google Cloud team.

Click on the image below to learn more and let us know if we can help you out with developing your own applications on Google Cloud along with our partner network!

20 Free Leads When You Sign Up for G Suite

Manage your marketing, sales or HR contacts, leads and data reports from Data 360 with G Suite. Data 360 is integrating with G Suite to help our clients and partners manage their communities more effectively.

If you sign up for G Suite with Data 360, we will give you 20 free leads for your business. This is a special just for participants in Data 360 events.

You can sign up with us by replying "Sign me up for G Suite" or by viewing more info and filling out the form here.


This offer does not include contacts for sponsorship for events, media advertisement, financing, investment, crytocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain or similar tools), fundraising or any financial/investment related industry or opportunity.

This offer expires on August 17, 2018 at 10 am and is subject to all Data 360 terms of service.

With the new Google Meet, AI and collaboration features in Google Docs and add-ons to Gmail, you can manage your community more effectively than ever!

Check out more from G Suite by clicking here.

Opportunities for Your Marketing, Sales or HR Projects

If you are interested in a specialized marketing, sales/lead generation or HR campaign for focusing on your business and its needs, then you would need to become a Data 360 client which starts at $1599 (social media) and $1999 (email).

We produce incredible value for our clients since our nearest competitors charge $3500 and more per month with 3 month and 1 year minimums.

Please email us at and let us know your marketing,sales and HR needs including: 1) Name of your business, 2) Budget, 3) Timing of your need, and 4) Criteria for your marketing, sales or HR recruiting that you want us to do for you and your company.

All of our campaigns include up to 200 contacts and the automated recruiting (including sending out the content via social or email) and qualification of contacts for lead generation and sales using our Smart CRM services powered by a unique combination of AI/machine learning and big data.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients "set it and forget it" on email, social media (including Facebook without buying paid ads) and messaging platforms (Skype, Slack, Facebook messenger, etc).

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