Data 360 Community Special

Join the Data 360 Marketplace powered by Google Commerce for selling your marketing, sales and HR products, services or software to the 50,000+ users on the Data 360 messaging platform.

We are also accepting consultants and freelancers who want to market and sell their products and services in the Deals section of the Data 360 Marketplace to our unique audience. Low setup and charge of $25 per month.

This special package comes with:

  • One landing page for sales only (all we need is your existing website for source material!)
  • G Suite with Data 360 contacts (G Suite starting at $5 per month with a 30 day free trial)
  • An analysis of competitor customer and marketing lists (2 competitors and 5 target contacts to sell your products or services to)
  • 5 target contacts with interest and predictive buying info for your business (private contact information can only be provided if contact opts in to your marketing campaign)
  • 10 keywords and key phrases for your websites and social media to get more traffic
  • OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED: Consulting with our partner network (design, marketing strategy is extra starting at $199 per consultation depending on the request)

If you have any questions, please email

Here is a quick preview of the three key features:

Overview of the Data 360 Marketplace

This is an overview of how the marketplace works:

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Through this new system, we are able to create multiple types of pricing and add as many SKUs (product and service listing in their variations) as you'd like and initiate business with you via email. The customers get various self service features including our automated customer service system.

Administration of the Marketplace

This screen shows how we will co-administrate the marketplace with you.

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A Example of the Data 360 Marketplace Storefront

This is where we will list your products and services in a series of profiles. The customers will pay us via this portal and we will pay you your fee through our relationships with Tipalti the next day via debit card issued to your or ACH (electronic direct deposit).

You will be sold in the marketplace with G Suite, Google Cloud Platform Services, Shopify, Kickstarter agencies and partners*, all Data 360 services (FBPlus, EmailPlus, ShopPlus, Customer Intelligence Reports, Market Intelligence Reports), and many other providers in marketing, sales and HR products, services and software. We will also be featuring our kits and other reading materials and e-courses.

*These contracts are pending.

Terms of Service

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