Reporting Q4/2018


Please click the links to see all the details about the most important projects and achievements at a glance:

DZ Bank

> 19,400 ATMs

5% done


> 10,000 merchants

30% done


POS Solution

70% done


Biggest Blockchain Asset Trading Platform in South East Asia

100% done

Blockchain TR Summit

First steps for Dash community building in Turkey

Integration Pipelines

Have a look at all ongoing integration projects by clicking the trello-links below.

Exchanges & Wallets

Acquisition: 7

In progress: 2

Done / Partner: 3


Acquisition: 3

In progress: 2

Done / Partner: 1

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Acquisition: 2

In progress: 3

Done / Partner: 0

POS & E-Commerce

Acquisition: 4

In progress: 6

Done / Partner: 14

Events & Meetings

Follow our Event & Meeting calendar and stay updated about our next conferences and meetings.

Please checkout our past events by clicking the links below:

Panel Discussion with Bundesbank

Blogpost >>

5th GENOhackathon

Blogpost >>


Blogpost >>

Blockchain TR Summit

Blogpost >>

Roadshow Wolfach

Blogpost >>

Digital City Vienna

Blogpost >>

Roadshow Frankfurt

Blogpost >>

Roadshow Bamberg

Blogpost >>

Roadshow Schleswig

Blogpost >>

Block & Wine

Blogpost >>

Roadshow Vienna

Blogpost >>

As you can see in our integration pipelines the events above helped us to get in contact with new business partners.


We are educating politicians and economic players in favor of Dash by actively participating in the following associations:

German E-Commerce & Digitalization Association

For their members bitkom is offering several educational events about digital transformation, digital payments, Fintechs and digital Banking. Due to our membership we are part of the related working groups to promote Dash.

German Startups Association

Together with the German Startup Association we are working on a positioning paper for Blockchain and Crypto regulation, which will help to improve the image of privacy coins. The paper was requested by leading political parties in Germany.

German Blockchain Association

The German blockchain industry gathers in this association and focuses on solving regulatory issues together as industry and with the state authorities to support this new economic branch.

Economic Council

The Economic Council is a German business association representing the interests of more than 11,000 small and medium sized firms, as well as larger multinational companies. They organize over 2,000 events annually to educate high ranking politicians as well as members of the business community. We will give our best to bring Dash to the agenda.


User & Sessions


As promised our Website is now also available in Turkish:

Social Media



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The PR connectory with Dash News and Dash Core Group is ongoing.

Oct 2018

BTC Echo - Mbaex Link >>

Cryptoticker Mbaex Link >>

Focus Mbaex Link >>


3 articles

Nov 2018

Euro Finance Magazin Link >>

Bitcoin News CH Link >>

Baden Online Link >>

BTC Echo Podcast Link >>

DFN Roadshow Link >>

DFN GENO Hackathon Link >>


6 articles

Dec 2018

Schwarzwälder Bote Link >>


1 article

Due to the low budget we had to cancel the contract with our pr-agency, therefore we haven't been able to deliver as many articles.

Legal Support

Together with our partners we are able to provide basic tax information regarding trading, mining, masternodes, merchants and proposals in all three jurisdictions of the D-A-CH region. (

Winheller Rechtsanwälte & Steuerberater (DE)

Schürmann, Schürmann & Schürmann Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH (DE)

CLLB Rechtsanwälte (DE)

Crypto Tax (DE)

German Sales Tax Exemption

Fortunately we reached a general legal solution for the German Sales Tax issue we have encountered with the German Financial Authorities. After an unexpected tax inspection of the Schleswig-Holstein Tax Authority, we got the confirmation by the authority and our lawyers, that we do not have to pay sales tax on the Dash received from the treasury. The already paid 30k euros, loaned from Essra to the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, got paid back to us. Because of this finished examination, we won´t add a 19% sales tax to any future proposal funding request. This means the first big win for Dash in a legal clarity case.


Jan Heinrich Meyer


CEO & Founder

General Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, Events

Klaus Hipfinger


CFO & Founder

Business Development, Accounting, Legal, Controlling

Sinay Demirel


Project Management

Integration, Support, Website

Nils Hermann


Community Management

Social Media, Translations

Vanessa Wriedt

Project Management

Marketing & Events

Rafael Schultz

Head of Business Development


Rafael Schultz is no longer part of the team, which will reduce the costs for our “Basic Setup”. Instead Jan Heinrich Meyer and Klaus Hipfinger will focus on Business Development and Integration projects in future.



Requested: 1,076,865.73 €

Received: 636,300.54 €

Costs: 633,952.00 €

Q4 2018

Requested: 157,201.72 €

Received: 139,921.17 €

Costs: 115,242.74 €

Current Balance

Dash: 0.02

Euro: 1.658,54

After our initial costs for setting up the company and paying for most of the conferences we attended during 2018 we reacted to the falling prices and constantly lowered our ask in FIAT by scaling down external expenses like sponsorings and pr-agency.

Funding Detail

  • Jan 2018 We received a one-time payment for the first quarter. We decided to sell the funds once the company was founded in February.
  • Feb 2018 The company was finally founded in February 23rd. We decided to sell some of the funds we received in February and hoped for better prices in future. Jan got his payment for January and a part for February.
  • Mar 2018 We sold the rest of the funds. Unfortunately for a lower price as we anticipated. Ever since we have dedicated ourselves to always sell our funds as soon as we receive them. Jan got his residual payment for February and March. Klaus got his payments for January and February. Cedric also got his January payment.
  • Apr 2018 Our Proposal for the second quarter was funded.
  • May 2018 For the first time we received more FIAT than requested because we sold near the trend top. This helped us to create a small buffer.
  • Jun 2018 Prices kept falling, but we managed to pay all bills and keep a small buffer.
  • Jul 2018 We decided to not submit a new proposal, because of the high pressure on the treasury budget and used our buffer instead.
  • Aug 2018 We submitted a new proposal, reached 10%, but there haven't been enough funds in the treasury. All received funds have been raised with donations. No payment for Klaus and Rafael for July.
  • Sep 2018 Due to a lower ask from DCG more funds have been available in the treasury, so we received a payment again. Klaus received his payment for July now.
  • Oct 2018 Due to the new funding, it was possible to pay old bills. Rafael got his payment for July, August and September. Klaus got his payment for August and September too. Furthermore Jan, Klaus and Rafael decided to entirely abstain the payment for October.
  • Nov 2018 New Q4 proposal with a scaled down budget got approved.
  • Dec 2018 We paid all salaries and duties for the year and managed to just have a small amount of money on the bank account to reduce any income tax calculations.
  • Jan 2019 We reached the 10% votes in the treasury cycle needed , but there have been insufficient funds in the treasury budget. We hope to receive some donations to go on with the current business development projects.

Expenses in Detail


  • The majority of Dash integration costs are manifested in Staff hours and Conferences (Marketing), therefore they do not appear under "Integration" which mostly mirrors travelling costs for pure Integration meetings.
  • Fluctuations in Staff costs are due to suspended payments (see: "Staff Payments")

Staff Payments


  • Jan Heinrich Meyer (Jan 2018 - now) In January there were no payment for January. In February Jan got the January and a part for February. In March Jan got his rest payment for February and March. Jan abstained from the payment for October.
  • Klaus Hipfinger (Jan 2018 - now) In March got his payments for January and February. In August 2018 there was no payment for July. In September 2018 Klaus received the July payment. In October Klaus got his payment for August and September. Klaus abstained from the payment for October.
  • Sinay Demirel (Apr 2018 - now) was always paid on time.
  • Nils Hermann (Mar 2018 - now) was always paid on time.
  • Vanessa Wriedt (Aug 2018 - now) was always paid on time.


  • Rafael Schultz (Mar 2018 - Feb 2019) Rafael did not receive his payments for July, August and September in time, in October Rafael received his payments for these last months. Rafael abstained from the payment for October.
  • Lars Blohm (Mar - Jul 2018) was always paid on time.
  • Cedric Weber (Jan - Apr 2018) received his January payment in March and February, March and April in April.


In March the Embassy received a loan of 30,000€ from Jan for paying sales taxes. After our lawyers managed to convince the fiscal authorities of our sales tax exemption status, Jan got his money back.


Due to the constant fall of the Dash price and tight treasury budgets, we decided to scale down our costs in Q3 over 52% and again in Q4 over another 48%. This resulted in the suspension of several of our activities to lower costs and to concentrate on doing the planned work for Dash by our own staff and contractors. With Rafael's leave there is another step set to reduce even staff and external contractors. Until now the team's wages are the last remaining cost, which are required, so that our planned projects can be executed. Further lay-offs are highly probable to shrink the workforce to a slender purely Business Development focused embassy.

As we had to reduce most of our external expenses, staff wages have become the majority of our remaining expenses. After reorganizing our priorities to maximize our efficiency in creating a positive impact for Dash with our available means, we are now concentrating purely on business development and self-sustainability by focusing on Fiat Gateways and the Payments Industry.


So that we can continue our efforts in our ongoing projects and deals please consider donating and click the logo below.

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