G-Suite Reference

For New Users

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

This document is intended to serve as an at-a-glance reference to Darul Qasim students.

All students at Darul Qasim have at their disposal the full range of applications offered by Google Apps suite, alternately known as G-Suite. Of these, we expect the most commonly used apps to be:

The rest of this document has instructions on how to get started using the most common tools of those mentioned above. If you need additional assistance with any of these, please email ithelp@darulqasim.org.

What will you use your new G-suite access for?

You will need your G-Mail account that comes with your G-suite access to collaborate on your classes at Darul Qasim. here are some scenarios where you will need it.

  • Use your @quest.darulqasim.org G-Mail account to communicated with faculty members, registrar's office and IT Help.

  • Access to Google Classroom, Google Meet, receiving notifications from the Classroom stream, turning in assignments.

    • When an instructor adds you to their Classroom, you will get a notification in your G-suite email account. Make sure you click Join in that email to get added to that Classroom instance. Classroom is available at classroom.google.com.

  • Your G-suite Google Drive space will be used implcitly to create documents that can be turned in for assignments.

  • Assignment due dates will appear in your G-suite calendar.

Note on DQUMS access

You will use your @quest.darulqasim.org email to login to DQUMS. However your password for DQUMS is separate from your G-suite password. You may, of course, set both passwords to be the same for your own convenience.


mail.darulqasim.org | Watch tutorial

Darul Qasim mail is just G-Mail. You can access it by visiting mail.google.com and logging in using your darulqasim.org account and password. If you're not familiar with G-Mail, then watch the above tutorial to learn about how to manage your G-Mail conversations, including using labels and effective search techniques as the size of your mailbox increases over time.


drive.darulqasim.org | Watch tutorial

Google Drive lets you store documents. But that is not all. You can:

  • organize your documents in folders

  • nest folders inside of other folders (you determine how deep you want your folder hierarchy to be)

  • grant permissions to other read and/or edit the document

  • copy a link to any document and paste it into another document


calendar.darulqasim.org | Watch tutorial


meet.google.com | Watch tutorial

Are you logged in to your G-Suite account?

Ensure that while you use your G-suite access, you are actually logged in using your G-suite account. Check the user avatar in the top right corner of the screen and hover over it to see that your G-suite profile is active. If not, you have to switch accounts and login to your Darul Qasim G-suite account.

Still need help?

We're here to help in any way we can. E-mail ithelp@darulqasim.org.